The Ultimate Chloe Susan/Susanna/Suzanna Studded Boots thread

  1. Thanks!
    I'm not sure if I should wait for the pair from Saks. I wonder why NAP and Saks changed their sizing recommendations?
  2. ^ I wonder too, am thinking this is a new 'batch' and the run differently? :shrugs:
  3. I ordered a red pair!!!! :smile: I ordered a 34.5 (which is a half size down from my TTS) and they will get here Friday!!! Ideally I want a black pair but couldn't find a 34.5 anywhere. I also wear silver a lot so ideally I'm going to wait for the silver studded version coming out hopefully for Resort! :smile:

    I'll report back on sizing!! I'm just worried because for boots I usually size up half a size to account for socks... Ahhh I don't know, can't wait to finally have a pair in my hands!!!! :biggrin:
  4. OMG I just pulled the trigger on a pair of these beauties in black. I have wanted them for a while and although they are the most expensive shoes ever for me, I am trying to justify them by only limiting myself to classic yet edgy "investment" pieces this season. I didn't know what size to get as ssense didn't have half-sizes for some reason (I'm in Canada and they were basically the same price as they were on Forward) so I got 39 even though I am a "true" 38.5 (but buy all my shoes in 39). I hope they fit. If not I hope they are comfy with an insole. I wear 39 in IM Dickers and just hope they won't be too big! I have a feeling 38 would be too small.
  5. My black size 7 are here. :biggrin: They are my TTS and like all my shoes one fits perfect(my size 7 foot) and the other slips. I think a half size down would be too snug on my bigger foot.
  6. I wear a size 37 in dicker boots and I ordered a size 7 in susanna. The fit is similar, but Chloe is just a tad longer and more narrow. They feel more snug compared to my dicker boots, but my IM boots have been broken in.
    There is more room in the toe box in dicker boot.
  7. WHAT A DAY!! Trying very hard to conceal my gigantic excitement about receiving my boots today because my mother made a comment about all my latest and greatest acquisitions... oops. Guess I've been going overboard lately!! But so worth it for these beautiful shoes!


    1. What colour boots do you have? RED!
    2. Which year are they from (i.e. original Susan's from 2008 in lambskin or reissued Susanna's from 2011/2012 in calf leather)? 2012 F/W with the leather pulltab on the zipper
    3. Where did you buy yours? NAP
    4. Do you find they run TTS? Nope!
    5. Did you size down/up? Sized down half a size, however... I won't be able to wear socks with them until I stretch them out.
    6. Have your boots stretched since you first bought them? Not yet but I'm hoping they do with a little bit of wear so I can wear footsies.
    7. Do you require insoles/heel grips? No, but I can see how when walking it's possible for the shoe to slide causing some chafing that some people will want to put in heel grips. My foot feels snug in the back thankfully but when I did a little leg flex my foot popped up a little bit (I was trying to emulate walking without actually using them if in case they didn't fit).
    8. If you have them in different colours, which are your favourites and/or which colour do you wear most? Ohhh.. not yet! But I plan on it!
    9. What is your height/build? Do you find them flattering? I am 5 feet with bigger calves. I think they're flattering!! Actually I don't care, I'm still rocking them!
    10. What do you wear yours with? Please feel free to post pictures of your outfit in this Chloe Susan/Susanna outfit thread HERE. WILL DO, SOON!

    Not gonna lie, I was so excited to finally be able to fill out this survey. heehee! OVERALL I would say I'm glad I went down half a size because I still have a teeny bit of room in the front of the shoe but it's snug in the back. I can see someone ordering these in TTS but they would *have* to wear them with socks or if your foot is exceptionally wide. My TTS US 5 feet are a little wide but these still fit comfortably snug in the front (nothing bad, they just need to be walked in).
  8. They sent me the measurements and based on those, I decided to go for the 38. We'll see if they fit in length. I'm not concerned about width because my feet are narrow, especially in the heel area. Thanks for your input, I hope to see modeling pics!
  9. Congrats! So excited for you, and they will look gorgeous with your new IM purchases too! I'm so excited to get my black boots, I just hope they fit.
  10. I tried them on again and walked around and my 7's are slipping and if they stretch I'm in big trouble.
    Thankfully I found a size 36.5 on Forward and ordered them overnight shipping!
  11. Thank you!! I can't wait to strut them about. Such an exciting feeling getting a shoe I've lusted over for a few years, lol. :smile: Can't wait until you get yours! I'll keep my fingers crossed they fit you!

    Oh yay!! So glad you were able to find a half size smaller. The sizing on these is so tricky. It's always so hard to believe when people say to size DOWN on a boot but with these yes really, size down! lol. Hope the new pair fit your perfectly!
  12. I saw these pics on thought I would share.

    They have gray/grey with silver studs coming out for 2013 F/W Resort. The cream with silver studs is nice too. But I prefer the golden studs with the cream Chloe Susanna's. I think the gold studs compliment the cream color better (it seems more special imho).
  13. Oh no.... I'm in trouble!! I really want a black pair with silver studs. But I'm a sucker for grey!!! Not to mention there's a beautiful yellow (not the cream, another color) with silver studs and an amazing blue with silver studs also!! Lol. Now it's going to be so difficult to decide come resort.... Yikes.

  14. Love love love the gray! Oh my... Do I go for red/gold or gray silver (own black/gold)?
  15. The grey is stunning! I agree with you that the cream with gold studs looks better, they just seem to go together more naturally.