The Ultimate bag for Charity

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Is this a bag that you purchase and the $ goes to charity, or you buy it and the handbag itself is for children to use? Either would be good as it looks like a great travel bag.
  3. I think its available to buy and a percentage of the money goes to Charity :smile:
  4. it says it will be auctioned online until Dec 18th...
  5. ~I hope this auction will bring large amt. $$$ to this worthy cause:flowers:~
  6. ooh you get everything inside too that is so cute I love it but reserve is set at £10,000
  7. Claire, get it, its sooooooooo hot
  8. £10,000 are you crazy and that's the minimum it could sell for much much more any idea what I could buy with £10,000!

    I know it's for charity but isn't that reserve a little high
  9. wow, i love all the pieces involved though!
  10. Ooooh, I love it. It's so hot. Look at the purple handles and luggage tag. I like the contrast against the monogram. I wonder if this will be the new epi color. I wish I had that type of money to bid. Way out of my league though.
  11. haha LOL :p yes I also think the reserve is sooooooo High for an 8 day auction and its had little exposure. Im all for charity but I dont think this was best done. It would of been better to sell a limited Ed. Bag for a limited time instead of an online auction.
  12. very cool...
  13. what a neat idea!
  14. Gorgeous. I really love the idea.....and hope someone bids an outrageous amount. More money for the cause!