The UK B-bag Club

  1. Hello UK ladies, would you please help me finding my Sandstone a.k.a. Argile Day bag? Either in RH or GH, as long as it's a sandstone Day. Whenever you visited the Bbag land in UK & see this beauty, please PM me. Many thanks to your help.
  2. I have been talking to the lady at Harrods rather more than is healthy for my bank balance. She is getting increasingly confident about having more violet Cities in but not until October.

    I have the desire for a violet First but can't find anyone in the UK who knows that they are going to stock them. Any ideas?
  3. Since then I ordered a violet City from LVR. Now want a first in Jaune. Even harder to find I think???
  4. Congratulations on your order. Cant wait to see pictures! I think you may have to phone round for your Jaune first. You can probably order one from Bal Paris if you really want one. I dont know how much duty is though. It seems blinking expensive to me! I got charged £50 on $298! :push:
    Anyway in the meantime if I spy one anywhere I will let you know.

  5. It is a pre-order so you may have to wait a while.

    In terms of duty, I think you have to pay the tax, plus the fee for collecting the tax, plus the fee for collecting the fee for the tax, + ......... (all a big swindle)!!

    ..... but I have never been taxed on goods from EU countries before. (Mostly from the US or Hong Kong or anyone outside Europe who ships with Fedex or sometimes DHL). Most other items skip through unchallenged.
  6. I buy from Diabro, i got my Steel Day Hobo including shipping for £425, Selfridges had the Steel Day Hobo for £525 and charge £10 postage so i saved £110. The leather was beautiful - i asked for smooshy and wrinkly and they sent me one, arrived in 4 days and no customs tax because i asked them to declare a value of $49.

    So....i asked them if they were getting the Jaune and Violet colours and this is what they said (responded to my email in 15 minutes!):

    Dear Amelia,

    Thanks for the email. We are still waiting to hear if we will be receiving these two colours. Hopefully we will be able to confirm this in the coming weeks.

    Please keep checking for updates in our ranges.


    Sounds promising, i'm keeping my fingers crossed, no doubt they will be charging $1200 for a First and $960 for the Day Hobo because these will be hugely popular colours, but if it's going to be so difficult to get our hands on these colours from the UK stores it might be worth it.
  7. Is it me or do we pay a lot more for our bags (in the UK) than anywhere else? The US prices and all the website prices seem to be £100+ cheaper. Why is that?
  8. Compared to the US prices, we have to pay the 17.5% VAT.

    I presume that the websites have less overheads as they do not have to cost in running their shops (apart from NAP which seems to charge a premium anyway).

    Not sure about European shop prices.
  9. are we getting the step and Giant RTT in the UK?
  10. I know! and we don't seem to have as much of a choice of colours and styles.
  11. Black, brown, brown, cream / white, brown and brown - in very limited styles.

    ......... + maybe grey?
  12. Sorry I don't. Try ringing them up as they are very helpful.
  13. Im just outside herts not far from Tring which is North herts i guess, its a small world, although i never see any bbags around me!