The UK B-bag Club

  1. Inspired by the 'UK sales' thread in the shopping forum i thought we could do with a UK Club to share information on styles, colours, prices and current stock from stores here in the UK. Especially as the SA's (and there've been a few!) i've been speaking to lately haven't been very knowledgeable or reliable and unhelpful about what they have in stock!:cursing:

    So i'll start with the information i've got in the last few days although it's not much!

    Harvey Nichols has one "dark brown" makeup clutch in the sales for £178, they also have Weekenders in the sale but i don't know what colours. They have a "dark brown" wallet in the sale. They still haven't had the new seasons colours in yet.

    Selfridges Oxford Street still don't have the new seasons colours in yet. They do have black makeup clutches for £200 (not in the sale) but if you ask for a makeup clutch they don't know what it is and will tell you that they don't have any - you have to describe it to them and tell them they cost £200!!
  2. Infuriating, isn't it? :cursing:

    I rang Harvey Nics last week and was told they didn't have any make up clutches :rolleyes:

    I generally find the SAs outside London to be more willing to accomodate (i.e. look through what they have, put things on hold for a few days or do mail order). Manchester Harvey Nics are great (there's a SA called Sophie who's lovely, I bought my Anthracity from her), same in Leeds and Trafford Centre Selfridges.

    TC Selfridges had A/W stock in last Sat already, I didn't look too closely as I'm only really interested in Plomb with giant silver hardware but there were plenty of other things too.
  3. I know! really infuriating!! I'm still annoyed Selfridges Oxford St told me they didn't have any makeup clutches on sale when they did - and for £100! (i know-i know i need to get over it! ;)) You're absolutely right though the London stores are the most unhelpful.

    The Harvey Nichs i just called was the London one, i nearly fell off my chair when the SA knew what a makeup clutch was without me having to describe it!

    I know some you probably already have tel numbers but here are the two i have for the Bal departments so you don't have to go through switchboard:

    Selfridges Manchester Trafford - 0161 6291149
    Selfridges Oxford Street - 0207 318 3604
  4. Oh and Harvey Nics don't have the make up any more....because I just bought it :devil: I know exactly which one it is because I saw it a couple of weeks ago just before the sales started and resisted paying full price for it! They also had another one in a lighter caramel sort of colour but the dark brown one had much nicer leather. Thanks for posting that they still had it :tup:
  5. YAY! i knew there was a good reason to start a UK club! congratulations :yahoo: Don't forget to post pics when it arrives!
  6. I was in Harvey Nichols (leeds) they only had:

    RH first (griege)
    RH truffle weekender

    The rest were the GH (vert gazon, marine, truffle)
    matlesse bags
    Whistle bags

    They had the truffle coin purses on sale at £112 (what the..!!) I got this for £75 at selfridges.

    I wasn't very impressed. I saw the SGH though and i liked it better than the Gold.
  7. Hi!

    I was in Selfridges Oxford Street yesterday and they had a few new season bags but only in limited colours so far:-

    Most models in the Plomb colour - some with RH and others with Silver GH

    In Sienna they had the City, First and Day - all with RH

    That was it for new season stuff from what I recall.

    They had a few bags in the sale but most were ex-display and in quite shoddy condition: -

    Truffle Matelasse
    White Matelasse
    White Gold GH Hobo

    Hope this helps :flowers:
  8. Selfridges Manchester Trafford have the Day hobo in Black Cognac and Steel for £525.
  9. Hello

    Which UK store do you think tends to stock the most interesting range of colours?

    I found that most of the ones that I phoned round this week, when in a state of gloom and intent on a cheering purchase, produced very dull results.

    The guy who answered the phone in Selfridges London offered me City bags in only 3 colours, if black is a colour as such, and when questioned about green bags, swore that Selfridges would NEVER(!!!!) stock anything GREEN!!! This seemed a bit extreme to me but each to their own. I would instinctively pay more for a house for having dark green windows and doors.

    I have just received a dark green Day from Selfridges Trafford, nicely reduced on the grounds that it was labelled as black and therefore couldn't be sold for the full whack. I am not sure why is is green but thought that this was rather convenient for me.

    Any advice on this gratefully received.:heart:
  10. I've just had a call from the Balenciaga sales specialist, Valerie, at Harrods, asking me if I was interested in a special edition Bbag, which was due to arrive with new season bags. It's a GH City croc bag in a colour she described as aubergine. It wouldn't suit me and is likely to be very expensive, but if anyone is interested give her a call. She does seem very knowledgeable about Bbags and I've always found Harrods very good at pre-ordering bags for customers.
  11. Has paprika hit the UK stores yet? :wondering
  12. Just called Selfridges Oxford Street, they don't have the new colours in yet, except for Steel. They don't have any makeup clutches, but did say they had a clutch bag that was £400 but didn't know the style (no surprise there!) They have one black courier for about £850.

    Selfridges Trafford Manchester had a very friendly helpful SA who said that they didn't have any makeup clutches. They have the coin purse in black, red and a colour they described as cognac. They have about a third of the new stock in, but are awaiting further deliveries.
  13. Edinburgh Selfridges has the makeup clutch in black for £255. Harrods has just had the GH Flat Clutch delivered today.
  14. Just to let you know I was in Selridges (London) a couple of weeks ago and was told that they wouldnt be getting in any other colours!! I asked about the violet and jaune and he looked quite offended that I would want a purple or yellow bag! Do you think this is right and does that mean that none of the department stores will be getting any in!! Will Harrods order a bag for you if you request it!! Sorry, so many questions but I have gone a bit bal nuts and am so excited there is a UK branch (so to speak!!) HELP! Thanks xx
  15. Fab idea!
    Are there any Balenciaga accessories still in the sale at either Harvey Nicks or Selfridges (London)?