The Ugly One....

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  1. So if the ones sold in the flea markets are fakes. Where do the purse with impefections go?

    I would image that designers wouldn't sell a flawed bag before it left the factory floor do they send those to an outlet or destroy them?
  2. When I worked at a Saks with a Louis Vuitton boutique in it I asked the LV manager this question and she said they destroy them because they do not want any imperfect LV's reaching the market. Whether true or not, I'll never know since I do not work for them but it sounds right.

    Other companies, however, make it to TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Not saying all are imperfect since some are prior seasons, but some are.
  3. lol, is the title of this thread a reference to Teen Girl Squad?
  4. Sounds about right.

    I worked for a high-end fashion house - same story.

    Not all outlet stuff is imperfect though some of the merch are samples that never made it into a collection or end of line, discontinued or new old stock 'suddenly' found.
  5. I agree. Many Higher-end exlusive brands that don't go on sale, will distroy imperfect products.
    Other brands, Juicy Couture, Dooney, Coach, will send them to the outlet, or sell them to Marshalls, TJ Maxx.

  6. I thought so. I used to work for pier 1 at the outlet store. One time the manager had us destroy some pottery cause of some flaw. She said the company didn't want it's name associated with that imperfections.

    I understood but I was in the OUTLET store the resting place for imperfect merchandise. go figure.