The Ugly Duckling (aka The Dalmation Kelly) is home!

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  1. Alright ladies, GF thought I was kidding when I said I bit the bullet and succumbed to the power of the spots, but the FedEx man just delivered my spotted swan in its 28cm retourne form. I was very pleased to find that the bag was in amazing, like-new condition, with plastic still on parts of the hardware.

    This is the grey on black version, in Buffalo Skipper leather, and I have to say that pictures don't do this Kelly justice. The overall look and finish of this bag is marvelous (to me at least)--the white is almost a pearlescent grey so the overall look looks like metallic gunmetal grey.

    It's okay if you think it's hideous; I've been utterly fascinated by it for the past few years and thought it was finally time to add one to the family. I think David Gest (Liza's ex) was voted as one of the most fascinating/weirdest people (you can't stop looking at him) by the UK Mirror...this is how I feel about the Dalmation.

    A few notes about the Dalmation: the stamping and craftsman's marks are not in its usual place because it would not be noticeable. Didn't want to go into details at first, but then again, I somehow don't think this is bag will be at the top of a counterfeiter's list KWIM?

    Anyhow, I'll take some more modeling pix another day. Am at home in bed with a cold and didn't think I'd add to the bag's already bad rep by modeling it in my PJs :graucho: . Also took a pic of the small Bagmate w/Bearn inside the 28cm which fits nicely.

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  2. That is such an interesting bag! I have never seen/heard of this type of leather. Does it come in other colors? Please do post modeling photos when you feel better.
  3. It's a beautiful bag - and so unique. Congrats!
  4. orchids, congratulations! It is neat, and, yes, it is pretty! It has it's own look, off the beaten path, of course, but it's pretty special, don't you think?

    I have a friend who has one....she likes hers, very much.
  5. Lulilu, it does come in a lot of other variations. Mostly white with either black, dark grey (as seen on Carrie in SATC when she was taking care of Brady and opening the stroller), olive, orange, and I think a few others.
  6. Orchids - congratulations! your opinion is the one that matters most, of course, but i think all kelly's are stunning! Enjoy!!
  7. Orchids, it's very interesting! You're only the 2nd person I know who has one.

    I've seen these Dalmatian Kellys in Rouge H/white, too!
  8. Congrats for your new baby and Orchids there is nothing ugly about that bag.Its magnificent!
  9. You scared me when you said Dalmation. Its so not. Its very different but uniquely beautiful. The bagmate is incredible. Congrats and hope you feel better.
  10. T....that bag is lovely! I had visions of big spots all over the's so not like I thought! Can't wait until you feel well enough to model - and don't you love that Bagmate?
  11. No ugly ducklings lol - only unique purses!! Very nice - love having special items! Congrats!!
  12. Congratulations, can't wait to see you model it for us.
  13. Thanks everyone. It definitely is off the beaten path, and I think that's why I'm drawn to it. The skin reminds me a bit of galuchat/sharkskin. And D, the Bagmate is wonderful. I've had the larger one for a while and just got the smaller one to put into my 35cm Trim, and was very happy to discover it fit nicely in the 28cm Kelly too!
  14. Wow! I never realized that buffalo could take on such pearlescent color like that. What a great unique piece, orchids!

    (BTW, love your bagmate! Is that the small? And is that a raisin bearn I see hiding there? -- you have fantastic taste, you do!)
  15. Thanks Gina! I was pleasantly surprised by the pearlescent sheen to the bag--it's pretty interesting. And yup, that is the small size Bagmate; I have the medium one for my Birkins (thanks to your great pix!), and it is a Violette Chevre Bearn in the Kelly.