the UGLIEST fendi spy ever.

  1. i just found this on raffaello-network:



    is that really authentic?! b/c i find it quite... fugly
  2. Agreed! sh*t's nasty!
  3. At least it's waterproof!!! :lol:

    Or, you won't really care if it gets rained on, scratched, etc.... and no one will dare mug you either!
  4. i know ppl who r dying to get it *eew*
  5. waterproof is always a plus.
  6. A miserably failed attempt at multi-color logo. I can't believe they found a way to ruin the gorgeous spy!
  7. If I recall correctly, Nicky Hilton was seen carrying one! The bag is VERY UGLY indeed! :sick: :sick:
  8. tacky
  9. Yuck!!
  10. LOL I saw a pic of Nicky Hilton with it. It looked horrible

    Pictures taken from

  11. ^ lol no wonder... it did kind of look familiar for some reason.
    well i can't believe she spent money on that, i wouldn't carry it if fendi gave it to me for free lol.
    it looks like someone ate christmas and then threw it up
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Yuck! Totally destroyed my impression of her.
  14. LOL its such an ugly color to put on a spy
  15. I have this along with the Black Spy and the Honey with Flowers (Wisteria). It's such a trashy bag --- LOLOLOL, but you gotta have fun with it!
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