the ugliest fake EVER..

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  1. in my opinion.... this is definitely going in funniest/worst fakes.. but look at this thing...who would carry that! even if it was real and marc jacobs personally gave it to me, i wouldnt carry it!


  2. Ew. Yeah, that's pretty bad.
  3. so ugly
  4. :sick: I love it when they make up their own designs as opposed to replicating originals! LOL:yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
    I can always rely on ioffer for a laugh.
  5. lol. i think a three year old would even reject it!
  6. Who decides to make that?
  7. haha. i just told the seller that it was the funniest fake ive ever seen!
  8. someone who got inspired by VOMIT! :roflmfao:
  9. Hihi, this belongs in the ugliest/worst fakes thread. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.