The uggliest thing ever

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  1. I paid 200 USD for the worst Gucci knockoff I have ever seen. How do u know the fake from the real? All tips appreciated.
  2. Stitching should be perfect, know what your bag should look like, interior and so forth,check feedback, do your research/homework, and most of all if it looks to good to be true then it probably is.
  3. Post any Gucci bag auction that you're interested in on the Gucci Auth this thread.. those girls will help. And if you want to do your homework, reading that thread and keeping up to date to it will sharpen your eyes towards fakes. Good luck!
  4. Ooooh! That really burns me up, when these sellers claim that their fake items are authentic and charge authentic prices for 'em. I was just on eBay looking at their Spy bags. There are sooooo many fake one's going for more than a thousand bucks. A lot of people go by the price and think "if it's this much, it's gotta be real". I just got a Spy from eBay, but fortunately, I had the Fendi experts here to help me get an AUTHENTIC one.

    Whenever you see a bag on eBay or anywhere, just go to the designer forums and "Authenticate this ( Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, etc)" thread and post link to the photo. The wonderful bag lovers here will help you weed out the fakes.
  5. My last Gucci and my last Fendi both had problems one with the chain and the other with the closings. I am fortunate to have a wonderful place near my office where they repair bags and luggage. In the two cases the bags were authentic, but with faults in manufacture. This is, I guess another source of ebay items
  6. And you can see the same exploitation with the "replica" bags, whether fraudulently labeled or not, it is apparently a successful marketing technique but the reality is that if someone wants a "lookalike" bag, they can get one for very little money from any one of a number of major retailers!

    Just because something costs a lot of money does not guarantee that it is any better than something with a low price tag!