~the UGG *DEALS ONLY* thread~

  1. Thanks to the ladies who responded to my question about shipping time! I just got my shipping confirmation and my cardy's should be here Wednesday!! I can't wait to try them out!
  2. Just had Nords price match!! I love them!!
  3. Which ones did you get Price matched?
  4. (I have to hold back from getting the Picante! I already have Grey and Moss - adding another color seems much?)[/QUOTE]

    naahh...you can never have too many at this price! Besides, that picante is hot! ;)
  5. The classic tall boot. I don't have any from the classic line yet so I'm excited. I ordered my usual size so I hope its not too big.
  6. Ladies, again, please no chatting in this thread.
    It's a DEALS thread; not a thread to inquire on fit, opinions, complain, etc. . .
    DEALS only please!!

  7. Any classic talls on sale on sites that ship to canada? :flowers: