The Two Week Torture

  1. The :hysteric:Two Week Torture:hysteric: is that time between ovulation and AF that you ask yourself:
    -Am I pregnant?
    -Do I feel pregnant?
    -Am I spotting?
    -Is that implantation bleeding?
    -Should I work out?
    -Should I have a drink?

    Then you convince yourself...
    -My boobs are sore
    -I'm bloated
    -I'm tired

    -I don't want to get my hopes up
    -I don't want to be disappointed
    -I don't want to fool myself

    Then you say to yourself...
    -Stop thinking about it so much
    -It'll happen when it is supposed to
    -Stop stressing
    -Stop obsessing

    Then you wonder....
    -Am I not getting pregnant b/c I think about it all the time?
    -Is something wrong with me?
    -Will I ever get pregnant?
    -How long will this take?

    It is....:hysteric: THE TWO WEEK TORTURE :hysteric:

    If you are experiencing Two Week Torture, rant about it here... Go ahead, stress, obsess, contemplate and yes, go there.... HERE!!
  2. OMG I am experiencing everything you mentioned. I am in that phase right now!! I am supposed to start on 2/3 and I am hoping that it will not come and that I will have a + pregnancy test that day. But I am not having any symptoms, am I not pregnant? I think about it all!!! And I go over all those questions every month. Like I posted before I wish we could know right away, like the day after BD.
  3. i'm deff quilty of all those things.
    AF is suppose to start 2/1...lets see what happens :sweatdrop:

    ok so i spoke to my best cousin and she jst recently found out she's preggo and she had been trying for a 1.5 years. and she said dont stress about it, it will happen. and i wanna believe her because her's happened after 1.5 years. and if she still had faith and hope..then i should be too since we jst recently TTC. She made me feel so much better :smile:
  4. I am one week in to the two week torture!! I just wish time would go by faster, so I am trying to stay really busy..
  5. Thanks Tabby.... you said it all!! There's nothing left for me to say except

  6. Thanks for sharing, this is inspiring. :tup:
  7. I'm totally guilty of all that are mentioned here. :push:
  8. no problem :heart:
  9. Tabby - how was your trip?????
  10. ^ Well, I was supposed to "O" while I was on vaca, but I never did according to my monitor, which is just as well, b/c we were staying with my in-laws and the last thing I could think of is BD with them in the same house...

    So, I was a little disappointed about the timing, but the skiing was great!
  11. Aww, well at least you had a good trip in other aspects. Where were you skiing?
  12. Utah... Snowbasin and Powder Mountain.
  13. AF starts today..nothing so far yet. :s
  14. So your two weeks of torture is over!! Yay.. on to another opportunity to conceive!
  15. Sounds like fun!!