The two new additions to the family!

  1. So most of you know I bought another bracelet bag and the hobo in the "post finds" section

    Here is a pic of the both. I am just not feeling the Black Bracelet bag so think it will be a resale on - it's really soft smooshy leather but I think I am definately more a beeded gal!

    The hobo I like more. I also have the Blue Nuit paddy with shoulder strap coming on Tuesday so I will post them too. PLease see pics and also a new bracelet family pic. I've got another couple of items (up my sleeve at the mo) so hopefully more to post next week!

  2. Are those bags stinkin cute!!!!!!!!!
  3. I like that leather bracelet bag. Didn't you get a pretty good deal on it? I would keep it and use it as a more casual bag.
  4. Wow babe, I am loving the new hobo, your pictures of it look even more amazing, it really is a great bag. You done really well there!

    Your new Chloe additions are amazing, honestly, you are a lucky, lucky girl, with a great Chloe eye :yes:
  5. Bagsfor me yes I did get a good deal on it but in my mind its only a good deal if you love it! I unfortunately don't.:sad:

    I wouldn't use her casually as I always use really large bags casually so she is already packed away with no intention of using so I think she will have to go!:sad:

    Chloe Babe - well it's down to you that I have most of these and your keen eye that has made it happen! Cheers! :supacool:
  6. Congrats, gorgeous bags!

    I love bracelet bags, and that hobo paddy with yummy leather is very cute, and not too common style :love:

    Oh and I must add your whole collection is tdf, I'm drooling!
  7. Gorgeous! I have that same tan hobo...from '05 right? I love should post pics of you wearing it! Congrats! :yes:
  8. Thanks Sonja - very kind of you

    Debs yes its 05 - very smooshy and fits great on the shoulder
  9. GORGEOUS! Congrats, they are both fabulous!
  10. Your beaded bags are so beautiful! I like the leather bracelet also, something great for casual/knock around wear and you wouldn't have to worry about it.
  11. Thanks Alea

    Yes I think I may just have to start using the black one casually although it is a bit small for me casually - I usually only wear large bags.

    Thanks for everyones lovely comments
  12. Ooooh! Very, very nice! I love the hobo! The black bag is cute, too, although you're right, it doesn't pop out at you like the other bracelet bags.
  13. Congrats... girl i cannot keep up w/ you :p
  14. Absolutely GORGEOUS! You go girl! ;)
  15. Love the hobo secret! Great deal on that! Congrats! :love:

    The black one isn't doing much for me... It pales in comparison to your other bracelet bags! You're absolutely right to only keep the ones you love! A bargain is not really a bargain if you don't enjoy it.

    Can't wait to see the bleu nuit!!! You'll be posting in this thread right? :popcorn: