The Two Moods Of A Neverfull.....

  1. Hi LVoers! ok, you can prob tell i am in the throes of my new obsession and thanks for all your sweet posts to my "traitor" thread :p pics will be posted when i master how to do

    2 moods according to my fantasy-life mind:
    a Neverfull fully open like a tote = daytime, casual, adventuresome, breezy, carefree, rugged

    a Neverfull with the ties pulled in = demure, sweet, feminine, day/night, proper, coy

    which is your favorite and most-used way to carry her?

    and, paranoid LV question of the day (at least my day lol) - will repeated "scrunch-ups" of the ties cause canvas damage/peeling? I know LV has a great policy for repairs, but i just wondered....

  2. Please show some pics!
    I've just seen the Neverfull on the LV site and I love it!
    What a super bag!!
  3. Yes please share pics! Pretty please!
  4. Pics please? :smile:
  5. can't wait to see pics.