The two bags I want so badly :(

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  1. Hey I'm new to the forum! My name is Nicole, and even though I love chanel bags, I sadly don't own any haha. I dont own any designer bags, unfortunatly. Im only 15 though, so I have plenty of time to get one =) Anywayss, I just thought I'd say hi and say what 2 bags I want sooo badly.

    -LV Speedy in classic monogram canvas
    - Pink Chanel Cambon tote

    Does anyone have these bags? Do you like them? I cant wait till I can actually afford them!!! I love designer bags but since im only 15 I cant really afford any :sad:
  2. yup I have the pink cambon tote and I don't love it much anymore lol...
    and I don't like the Speedy at all so I say get Cambon :smile:
  3. i have the speedy and the mc speedy 30 in white.

    you have good taste hehe
    i love chanel too.

    good luck and happy saving.
  4. I just got a Mono Speedy 30 and I love it! It holds a TON! I think you will love whatever you choose.
  5. I have the Mono Speedy 30, and I love it! One of my all time favorite bags. It's a great size, easy to carry, and it goes with everything!
  6. I have the Speedy 35 and use it everyday.

    Keep saving your money and you'll be there in no time! A lot of us saved to get our first bags so we know what it's like!
  7. I LOVE Chanel. Don't worry, you'll get them sooner or later.
  8. OMG at 15 I don't even think I had a handbag - wallets were a big deal!!!! Don't rush it, you'll get everything you want in time. You already have the good taste.!!
  9. You're absolutely right. Thinking about it, I didn't have a handbag until I was 20!
  10. Welcome!

    Both bags on your wishlist are really great, classic bags!

    Happy saving...when you get there, it'll be SO never forget your first real designer bag! :yes:
  11. 1. Had LV speedy in mono canvas and sold it. Too boring (for my liking).

    2. Have pink CHANEL cambon and only used it once since I got it couple of years ago.:sad:
  12. I can somewhat relate to you :smile: I'm 17, and I own two designer bags (Coach and Dior), but I only got them just this summer - so I'm sure if you wait, you can get them! I also love the Chanel Cambon line and am planning on saving up for something in white on black, but I heard they were discontinued, so I don't know anymore. I guess that's what eBay is for! :P
  13. I have the mono speedy and am selling it - want to buy the damier speedy instead