"THE TWIRL WATCH" nov/dec SALE? mmm...iwish!!!

  1. Does this watch go on sale?

    does this go on sale...30%? lol


    help! :push::heart:
    1The Twirl Watch.jpg
  2. I love that watch! It was introduced last summer I think and they're still selling it, so unfortunately I don't think it will be on sale.
  3. Don't bother waiting for it to go on sale in the boutiques. Besides you can get it for more than 30% off at Jomashop. And yes they sell authentic Fendi, Gucci etc. I've purchased bags from them before and they have been authentic. Plus shipping was very quick.

    Check it out. The watch you are eying is only $560.

  4. last summer!? :push: = 2006? :push:

  5. I'm in Australia :push: lol you too? how much AUD at the boutique?
  6. Yup, no idea how much it cost. You could give the Sydney boutique a call. But yeah, I would buy from Jomashop in a heartbeat. Only to 7 or 8 days to get my stuff. But don't take my word for it, you can so a search of the forum too.
  7. So pretty!
  8. :heart::heart::heart:
    :push::push::push:i know! lol
  9. I second jomashop.... thats where I get A LOT of my fendi stuff as well as I bought a couple of gucci watches as gifts!
  10. i called~ AUD $1100...

    sydney airport duty free = $1035

    sydney airport DFS Watches = $950 !!!

    and... the 0.3 inch...and the 1.3 inch is the same price...


    why do they call the 'twirl watch' a FALL/WINTER COLLECTION...?