The Twins! Yes Twin Romas that is....

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  1. Well girls, my dream of two romas is finally a reality in my two favorite colors, old petra and ferro. Hope you enjoy the pictures.:love:
    bv roma sisters.jpg
  2. Now you know how girls are, they want their pictures individually too!
    bv roma ferro1.jpg bv roma op.jpg
  3. ReRe - I'm glad you decided to keep both. Please, don't forget to add the pictures to our Reference Library!
  4. Now last but not least, little sister wants in. Sardegna Peony Tote, check out those handles ladies...
    bv sardegna peony.jpg
  5. beautiful. Enjoy them all.
  6. The twins are truly lovely!! I think that I shall start investigating BV more!
  7. Wow, both looks gorgeous, and the Sardegna tote is such a nice pop of colour!
  8. OMG, two Romas ?!?!?!?!?!!!!! You lucky gal. Such a beautiful style. Congrats. :tup:

  9. I really, really like the look of this bag. Right now I'm in lovewith slouchy (Veneta). Does this bag seem like a souchy tote? I won't get the chance to try it on irl, just order one (fleabay, BF).

    I'm sure I'll not be able to afford a Cabat. How doesit differ (other than the obvious lock detailing).

    It is the stiffer, waxed leather?

    And anything else you can tell me please:smile:
  10. Good things come in twos.
  11. A beautiful pair - I love both colours! They even seem to go together really well - too bad you can't carry both at the same time!!!
  12. The twins and the sister, all looking so pretty!! You must be one proud mom, congrats!!
  13. :nuts:

    OMGAWD ReRe!!!!! Both bags are STUNNING! The Roma in Old Petra is absolutely TDF!! *major love* :love:
  14. such pretty totes!
  15. Both are very beautiful!