The Twiggy: Where to Find What Colors it Came in

  1. I might just be a total doofus and missed this somewhere....but I am really loving my twiggy (and another on the way)....but I am curious as to how I can find out what colors in came in?

    For example, I have a ginormous wishlist...and I can envision wanting certain colors in a twiggy...but not sure if they even exist!

    Can anyone help? Or point me in the right direction?
  2. Twiggers, it would be a fair general assumption that once the Twiggy came into existence, it was made in all the colors each season. You could just look at the color charts in the reference threads. The origin date of Twiggy has been much discussed and I believe the general consensus is that it was not produced in spring/summer 2003 or earlier. We have reliable anecdotal evidence that there were Twiggies in fall 2003. We are definite it was in full production in 2004 and after. If I have summarized this incorrectly, someone else will chime in and point it out, I hope. The debate usually comes up in the authentication context, usually as to red spring 2003 Twiggies. But there are lots of Twiggy colors to be had, and I know there is one (at least) super prize-winning Twiggy collector on the pf who may be able to help you with info.
  3. Hiya Roller...that helps me out immensely!!!!
  4. I know it comes in gray- i just orderd one from Saks. Not sure of the official name of gray.
  5. Tooshies, I believe, is an authority on the dates, along with LouiseyPeasey - you could always shoot one of them a PM to get the definite date. :biggrin: