The TWIGGY----- where the heck have you been???? LOL~~ **PICS OF AN '05 TWIGGY**

  1. Wow- I'm amazed. It's like I go in circles with the wrong styles or colors or materials or whatever........ it's been a long long long journey through bag land this past year and I'm very happy to be **sorta** ending it with this bag.

    First off the '05 leather is amazing. This one... is "fluffy" if leather can even be called that- "spongy" even- the tassles are amazing- squishy fluffy tassles.

    The style: A+++++ I thought too that it would be weird- sausage like- unnatural even. But heck NO! I think part of this has to do with the leather also- b/c when I wear it- it's droopy and amazing. Love the length of the shoulder strap - when carrying it's easy to get in and out of. Balenciaga scored when they created this style b/c it's extra roomy, not as tall as the city, and has easy access when your in a hurry. Right on and HIGH FIVE to all the other TWIGGY owners out there!

    The color!: I guess I love bags that are 'muted' and this is a muted light blue- like Twiggers told me- it is like looking up at the sky- and to me- that a natural color that wouldn't distract so much~ but it's light so it has a *kick* to it! I wear very plain colors and I like my bag to be the star. :love: Now I realllly want a Vert Thyme twiggy..... (gosh- too bad they didn't come in MINI- giant hardware...... I really love bling too!- oh well- I can't have my cake and eat it too)

    Presenting my 05 Twiggy in Sky Blue w/another bag .... what was this called?? :upsidedown::lol:



  2. wow the color is so soft and the leather looks so smooshy!! congrats on your amazing find!
  3. ^-- thank you- this bag gives me the *chills*- makes the hair on my neck stand up--- goosebumps... as my hometown bagnut buddy told me---"it has to *speak* to you"- and lol~ it does. :love:
  4. WOW!!!:drool: Alaska, that is droolworthy 05 SKY BLUE indeed!!! Im not a fond of light colored bbags as I have a hard time keeping them clean looking!!! But that is is just AMAZZINGG!!! Love your Violet City too!!!
  5. ^-- thank you! It's pretty scrumptous IRL.... not to brag or anything... just stating the obvious. :girlsigh:
  6. ^LOL! Ah yes the Twiggy is special!! Congrats on this smooshy number!!! :flowers:
  7. Congrats Alaska!! I'm so glad you like the Twiggy. Like I said before I was drawn to it right from the very start I developed a Bbag addiction. Your skyblue is tdf. Pretty and ethereal. I too echo your sentiment about Twiggys and GH! I am getting giant cities next but mostly because I want the GH! If the Twiggy came with GH I would be so over it in a jiffy :nuts:
  8. Thank you S-O-F!!! Smooshy is very very true...uberly lovely-- :love:

    Jo-ee-- we'd have a cat fight over all the twiggy's in the world~ ITA- Balenciaga needs to bring back silver hardware or compromise on the size of GH- if it were only 40% of it's size and on the bags they'd be some kind of huge hit...
  9. wow!! Alaska this is so pretty, its so nice!!!! I love the twiggy as well, is my favorite style, congrats!!!!
  10. congrats Muriel! so has all your other goodies landed in Alaska yet?
  11. This is so pretty Alaska.. Congrats.
    btw i went to see 30days of night and tot of u. LOL! Is it truely like tt?
  12. Wow Alaska. The leather looks amazing indeed. Conrats!!!!!!
  13. Thank you:heart: I swear it's like I fall in love with the styles that I try to avoid just b/c of what they look like on my screen- having never been to a store.... I've missed out on so many twiggy's on eBay the past year.........

    ok- can't look back- must look foooooorward!! yay!!!

    so. my bag addict BFF- things are in transit right now- BUT two perhaps three items will show up tomorrow.... who woulda thought stuff from APO/FPO in Japan could get here in an amazing 2 days EMS! that's quite remarkable for the USPS!

    lol- more pictures tomorrow..................... :ninja:

    ahhh- my friends went to watch this and they're from Barrow too- they were laughing the whole movie- it was quite the Hollywood hyped fictional movie.... the best part was when my friend told me that the characters walked from barrow to some other village.... or vice versa.... okie dokie--- yah-right! haha! but the whole darkness thing is true- for the most part- even on the shortest day of the year (most of the time my b-day 12/23) there is at least some sort of something like BLUEBERRY and EB blended/faded together...........have I painted quite a vivid picture of our 'daylight' on winter solstice?

    Thank you! Just like I wanted. I love distress and this leather can be characterized as 'tight, thick, even distress' :drool:
  14. ^^ LOL, you're so cute Alaska & your twiggy's gorgey!!! :tup:...what i love most about reading your posts is seeing your adorable doggy's face in your avatar & imagining that the words are coming thru their mouth (lol!!!) :roflmfao:
  15. :roflmfao: aaaaaaaaallllllllaaaaaaaaaabbbbaaaaamaa!

    I was telling bb10lue that she's the smartest dog ever- old but smart- if you tell her to WINK she'll do it! sometimes/most of the time you don't even need to say that- just wink at her when she's staring at you- and she'll wink back.

    my DH SWEEARS she can smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I see it sometimes) she's THE most quiet gentle Pommie ever......... this would be the dog to clone... lol!