The "Tween" Period: pondering Red options and Size choices

  1. I am in that dangerous "tween" period: between paying for a new bag and actually receiving it. This is a serious RED ZONE time for me :devil:

    To complicate matters I just sold my Rouge paddy so now I am missing a red bag :ninja:

    Here is what I am contemplating:

    Rouge Theatre or Rouille?
    First or Work?

    HELP??!?! Suggestions, comments on size, color, waiting patiently, etc??? :supacool:

    I currently have a White Work, Grenat Work, and a Black City. Plus some Chloes: Blanc Paddy, a Bleu Nuit Loaf, and a Congac Python Silverado.


  2. Rouge Vif..that color would be a killer in the work style..I know a pFer currently has a RV work and posted it a couple of days ago and it's absolutely gorgeous. And although grenat and Rouge Vif are both reds..they're so different you'll like them both for different reasons so definitely a vote for RV for me!
  3. I would suggest that you step away from the computer and enjoy the beautiful bags that you have right now! I know we are always, buying, selling or trading but unless you feel you have to have a red bag immediately I would wait until just the right bag comes along. Your grenat looks so close to rouge theatre in that pic, is that the actual color of your bag?
  4. hahaha. I actually thought the same thing which is why I suggested Rouge Vif because it's totally a different shade of red if she wanted to add another red to her collection. :p
  5. ^^^^


    Thank you for the mini intervention :cutesy:

    Yes, that is pretty much the color of my Grenat (she's pretty, huh?!?!)
  6. evil/addicted HM is taking over . . .

    but I waaaant anooooother one!!!

  7. Lol...I was just noticing how your avatar had changed to accommodate your ever-increasing family:lol:
    I was also going to vote for Rouge Vif. It is in my opinion one of the most perfect reds they've come out with. Theatre really might be too close to your Grenat, I agree...
  8. What about sizes??

    I have two Works and a City.

    Do I need a First? Or is it prohibitively small??
  9. Another vote for Rouge Vif - I think it's such a clear true red!
  10. How about Rouge vermillon? .. which is b/w Rouge Theatre or Rouille :smile:
  11. LOL, we're such a bad influence on each other!!!
    I ordered my AnthraCity, and while I was/am waiting for it(still hasn't come yet:smile:I saw the pics of your ever gorgeous Grenat Work and was convinced that I needed it! .....So guess what? Grenat Work is on its way now! Yay!

    To give you an advice, I think RV would be a good choice as well as I do believe RT would be too similar to your Grenat. I think you should wait for the new fall reds to come out.....Cinnamon and Pablika sound intriguing, no?
  12. Woohoo Tooshies!!! You are going to LOVE Grenat.

    I am intrigued by the new reds. Do we know when they will arrive??
  13. Love that Grenat! I'm holding out for the F/W07 Rouge. I'm hoping it's going to be a pretty red...I'm dying for a red BBag too!
  14. My little head spins when I think of all the red combos I could want!!!

    I think the holy grail would be an 03 Red First :heart:

    But then I start riffing on Rouille and True Red.

    Sigh, why didn't I marry the Lotto Winner I dated in college??!?!
  15. LOL, hmwe, you and me both!

    Our wishlists are just never ending, one after another....
    Yup, I can't wait to ge my Grenat bay and I'll introduce her to you guys when she arrives:heart:

    I don't know exactly when the new reds will hit the stores, but I'm asuming it'll be end of August to beginning September. I really think you should hold out until you see the new reds since it's only a month or two away........unless there's something you absolutely love&can't live without!