The tv Blow out...Jonathon

  1. Have any of you ladies in Beverly Hills ever had your hair done by him or any of his hair dressers? He always looks like he does great hair..I always wondered...

    My hair dresser of 5 years just moved back to Paris last week. Im just devasted. (Im sure my husband would be so pleased if I went to Ca. to get my hair done!!! lol)

    OH I tried his products and they all were terrible! Would love to hear what you all have to say!
  2. I'm obsessed with "Redo" by him. :smile:

    I have no idea about his actual styyling skills though.
  3. I love the show! He's such an opinionated person! And he looks like he does FABULOUS hair!! If I lived near one of his salons, I would definitely make an appointment!

    By the way, my BF loves Dirt.
  4. I have to husband loves the dirt as well. I bought the whole line and he did not want to see me throw that away with the rest of it! SO I stand corrected ...the WHOLE line is not a wash!
  5. He is entirely too arrogant on that show!!!!!
  6. I agree! I catch an episode or two every now and then. When I saw the commercial for the Fashion Week episode, though, I knew I wouldn't be able to watch it. Every time they showed him saying, "I'm so over me," I'd say, "So am I!" :lol: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much drama for me.
  7. I second that.
  8. I love how arrogeant he is. It's just his personality, Jonathon makes me laugh.
  9. I heard there is a lot of editing on the show, like not really reality ???
  10. I also like his attitude...I find it amusing! Its so over the top you have to laugh. He has done well for himself and I love to see people have success.
  11. I think he is a dolt. I enjoyed the show the first season, but haven't really kept up. I think my stylist is just as good.
    I would like to try his products at some point.
  12. I liked the show too, but haven't seen it yet this season, he's so emotional! It's kinda funny how he cries at the drop of a hat!
  13. if you mean self-absorbed and does the same haircut on everyone, then yeah :smile:
  14. I have a love/hate relationship with Jonathan - I love the show, but I hate him - he is always bragging and whining and crying and complaining and gets on my nerves - but I cant stop watching him - its kind of like a bad car accident...I really don't want to look but I end up looking anyway!

    but to be honest, I don't see what the big deal is with the hair - it actually seems kind of soccermom-corny to me - I would never get my hair done there. And the girl with the pink hair who does extensions is a joke - I get hair extensions done every 3 months and look wayyyyy better than hers, plus she's always trying to put some ghetto glow-brite hair when it's super out of style already.

    I've never heard anything good about his products so I've never tried them. My favorite is Aveda.
  15. there is no such thing as reality tv - every last one of the 'reality' shows is heavily edited.