The Turenne - Epi & Cabas Plage (Damier Azur)

  1. Hello!

    Ok, there was this thread out there and I couldn't think of that new color coming out this year. Its called "Canelle" and yeah it'll be on The Turenne bag's when they launch. (Just so you know only the larger stores will have all 3 colors, Noir, Rouge, and Canelle. The lease depts. will just carry the Noir.)

    Damier Azure:
    I can't wait till they come out btw!
    There's this one bag called The Cabas Plage (it honestly reminds me of The Sarria, so I can't tell from the pic if its a shoulder bag or not, but anyway) its a "one-shot" deal, and will be avail 11/06 to 07/07.

    I look forward to hearing your comments and future threads when this new color launches.

    Oh don't forget about The Monogram Unisex and The Damier Unisex bags launching! (I think you guys will like them, my fav. so far is The Pochette Plate (Damier)...and yeah not feeling The Pochette Ceinture, its to replace The Geronimo...but eh, never liked that bag either... haha.) For The Montsouris lovers... I think you may like this new back pack they are coming out with.

    No pics avail guys, (sorry) but totally when you come to the stores check out the look books of course :smile:

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    - L
  2. Thanks for the info! Lots of new goodies to obsess over this year :heart:
  3. Your welcome! :P

    I hope the sales will go back up, my store missed our bonus for this quarter! By $15,000.00 I was sooooo bummed!!! :crybaby:
  4. Thanks Mister, I want to see!!!!!!
    I need to get off of ny keester & come take a look at the book, it sounds like you guys have added a few things since I last saw it.
    :love: That you are sweet enough to post all the wonderful things you know. :love:
  5. What color is Canelle? I looked it up in a French/English dictionary, but couldn't find it.
  6. i think it's cinnamon...
  7. oohhh Canelle, what a beautiful name. :heart: I can already see myself in Canelle. I am already in love. I migth even start having Canelle dreams. :love: MY guess is that is Cinnamon color???:idea:
  8. Damier Pochette Plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo: :heart: :yahoo:
  9. Monogram unisex and damier unisex? Which bags are those???!!! Is there a list???
  10. mmmm damier azure patiently waiting...
  11. If he's talking about the same one's I've seen, they're the bosphore messengers that are viewable on and the Damier bags are messengers with big ol buckles on them (a la kid's backpacks or climbing gear) which do nothing for me in pictures, but maybe will be more attractive in person.
  12. I can't wait until this collection comes out, it's so pretty, Thanks for the info.:smile:
  13. what sizes will the pochette plates come in (pm, gm)? I find pochette plates second to cles's in practicallity. I just love them! Any estimate on the price or when they will be for sale? Thanks!
  14. Me, too! Except, I would have to say that I am *impatiently* waiting! lol!:P
  15. Update: Mr. Dickies was referring to the Damier Pochette Plate that's going to look like and has the dimensions of a Pochette Bosphore but has an extra pocket and it closes by a clasp lock... I was thinking there was going to be a Damier Pochette Plate like the Perforated Pochette Plate... :crybaby: