The TSA felt up my purple reissue!

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  1. A lot of people ask if they can hold my Chanels. I let them as long as they're hands are clean and such...I even let them open them sometimes. It's not as if they're hands are going to poison it or anything hah...

    I just take it as a compliment. I know a lot of people can't afford them, and some people have never seen them in person even.

    The purple reissue is a gorgeous color though, I don't blame her for fondling it heh!
  2. Haha funny story.:tup:
  3. Ahhhhh... I would have been like :wtf: -glad she was just admiring it, and not trying to actually "inspect" it. -I remember hearing of an incident on the forum where the TSA inspector took someone's bag and tried to apply some "chemicals" to the bag in order to check it, because they thought there was some potentially "hazardous residue" on it. So luckily she was just looking at the pretty color and not testing any crazy chemicals on it. ;)
  6. I guess you can take it as a compliment!!! It is a gorgeous bag!!!!
    What I would be worried about is someone swiping it and worse still, replacing it with a fake!!! YIKES!
  7. good tip!