The TSA felt up my purple reissue!

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  1. Not as a security measure or anything.

    I was leaving Detroit last night, I put my bag in a bin and sent it through, the puff puff machine took a bit longer than usual, and then when I came though I found a woman that works for the TSA fondling my bag.

    I asked if anything was wrong and she said "oh sorry it's just a really pretty plum color".

  2. eurgh, i hope she was wearing gloves at least?

    it is a beautiful bag tho... i'm sure she couldn't resist... but that's no excuse!
  3. Kind of reminds me of a strange Charmin-esq add. Please DON'T squeeze the Chanel!
  4. LOL. I guess that's kind of a compliment?
  5. :roflmfao:

    She totally wasn't wearing gloves. It was eew.
  6. oh LOL!! That's funny!!
  7. Awkward ! That is bag assault ! :P

    But it is a very pretty colour ! :graucho:
  8. That's CRAZY!!!! I would be a bit upset. I don't like people fondling my Chanels unless they ask me permission.
  9. I hate how those people have the authority to mishandle your things. D: When I was going through CDG Paris last month, they pulled me out of the line up and went through my purse and my carryon which had all my new H. goodies in it (my new Chanel was in mum's bags because I didn't have room in mine and I wanted to keep the box). I was horrified they would find some reason to swipe it!

    I hope your reissue survived unscathed.
  10. Carry your dust cover with you in the bag next time and slip her into it before you put her in that bin (which people put dirty shoes into). I do this whenever I travel with my designer bags.
    Hope she is okay!
  11. This bag is stunning! Is it metallic?
  12. the nerve! hehe.. I don't like it when people touch my lambskins, so I understand.
  13. I would take it as a compliment :yes:
  14. At least, she wore gloves! LOL ITA with the TSA agent, it is a gorgeous color! I was lucky enough to see one IRL at the Chanel Waikiki, my DH had to drag me out before I bought it!:graucho:
  15. hahahah.. maybe she'll find tpf now to see what the bag was (if she didn't already know)