The truth on waitlists, notifications, etc

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  1. Sorry, this is so long.....but really need to vent...

    Well, reading Elle's post on not being notified when the inclusions came in really got me thinking. I have 2 SAs who usually help me, and I think I have come to realize they are not equal, they are SA #1 and #2 in these stories.

    I have had both good and bad experiences with so called wait lists. Like everyone, I have ordered rare things and got them, no problem...and been on wait list and been told they sold out before my name...I always put it down to the way things go, until....

    Last March or April I was on quite a 'spree' and had spent significant dollars in a short time. Right before a trip I went to ask about a Manhattan GM, like alot of people I was really hot for it. Initially, I was told yes, indeed there was a significant wait list, about 6-8 months. Then my SA (#2) winked at me, and said she could probably get me bumped and get it to me within a month. Part of me was excited about the possiblity, but I felt conflicted, what about all those people I just reminded her that I was going out of the country for 3 months in about 3 weeks...and said I will just wait or see if I could get it while I was abroad. She said hang on. She went off and was gone for quite awhile, when she came back she had the bag, and I walked out of the store with it. At the time I just put it down to them being super nice since I was going out of the country.

    Coversely, when I first heard about the pastilles (from here), I asked about it at the store. My SA (#1)said they had not started a wait list, but would and I would be first on the list. Well, when they started popping up here, I called 866 and was told yes my store had 4 in. I thought yeah! they just haven't had the chance to call, I will just go pick it up. When I got there I was told by(SA #1), oh they haven't come in yet, hmm...866 said you got them in...she went away and came back, oh, they had but they only got 2 in and they were on hold and she would call me as soon as more came in, but it probably wouldn't be for another week, at least, probably more like 2. I was pretty upset, I knew she was lying to me but what could I do. Then I asked about the cute agenda post it's, without even looking she said we don't have those. I decided to do a test. I reminded her I wanted the groom rond and the inclusion keychains, both colors. "Of course, I have you down for both).

    I waited a few days, and went in again (I knew #1 would not be there, sad when you know your SAs schedule). Looked around and chatted with SA #2, and on my way out casually said, "oh, I am suppose be on list for the groom rond and inclusion keychains, can you make sure...thanks"

    The next day I went to another shopping center to go to NM, I talked to the girl at the LV counter, who said the groom was in, but they were not allowed to sell it until Monday. So I went to the LV store, now I don't go to this one very often, but have bought here, so I was amazed when I went in and was greeted by name. I looked around and asked about the pastilles, sure enough they had a 'few' in the back, and I walked out with it. hmm!

    No, I got my call about the groom on the release date and the inclusion on the day they came in from SA#2.

    Am I just being over critical or is it really that machiavellian? Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  2. I totally get what you're saying, it all depends on your SA and how much power they have in the store!!!
  3. i have no experience with the waiting list, but i know that the SAs in the only shop in my city are pretty "mean".. i went in to get a mono koala, and i was asking them if i could look at several pieces at a time becuase i'm very picky.. i was told that they only have one in the store (without even checking).. so i thought i just buy it and if i'm unhappy i could just bring it back.. so i left the shop with the wallet, however, i found out when i was at another store that they didnt give me a dustbag, so i asked my bf to go back to the store to ask for one, and guess what?? he said that there is already another one on display!!! why would they lie to me like that? so anyways, i dont go to that shop anymore, their lost :smile:
  4. Wow your story was familiar. I LOVE my SAs to death but they never call me when they say they will. I never got a call on the Groom, only went to the store the day they were supposed to come out and saw that they had them. Second, that day I talked to one of them and she goes "Did you get my call? I called you last week about the Pastilles keychain?" Now that's not the one I wanted but I NEVER got a call. I have an answering machine which I check when I'm not at home with the remote code and I definitely would have known if I had a message. I'm just afraid when they get the Inclusions, the Pastilles keychain and the Miroir bags, that I will NOT get a call.
    I don't know why they don't call when they say they will..they know most of the time when they do, I come in and buy the items. I thought that's what they wanted..
  5. Oh, I forgot to say it it was SA#2, that found the Epi's I was looking for..Speedy 30 and bucket and had not problem bringing them both in for me to look at.
  6. My SA is awesome. She called me when my groom piece came in and was so helpful when I was looking for a cuff/bracelet. She let me walk around with a couple (cuffs) to see if I liked it and such. However, I've had terrible experiences with other SAs. One of them kept saying, are you sure you were looking at the louis vuitton site when I was trying to find my Agenda Sticky Notes. She insinuated that my agenda wasn't real and wanted to have a look at it. I mean how many small damier agendas are there?? My current, awesome SA totally listened and got me them. Being a young guy, I hate rude SAs at the high end stores that I shop at. It's totally unacceptable. In fact, I will never go into SCP Fendi or buy Fendi for that matter.
  7. My SA at one store is fabulous. My SA at NM supposedly put me on the list for the groom rond but never called and when I went today they said I was never on the list. :rolleyes:
  8. argh these waitlists are so annoying... i called about an item quite a while ago, and the SA i spoke to was soooo cute... she put me on the waitlist and another SA called me when it came in.. i went and picked it up within a couple of days. When i went to pick it up i spoke to the SA who called me NOT the one who put me on the waitlist... i bought some other things that day from this SA.. she was nice too.. but i enquired about a framboise cles, she had only one left which was "on hold" supposedly.. so i put my name down for another.. this was months ago!! i still havent heard anything, now im scared to go back :sad:
  9. I work at a place where I talk to a lot of people everyday. Once one of my client told me she was getting a Klara or Mizi (mono) because her SA has ordered it and it arrived to the store. But my client was busy and she couldn't pick it up till next week. Knowing all these info, I went to the store and ask to see if I can see the bag since I have never seen it in person. Well, they told me they have never receive it nor did they order for one. So next week finally came and my client went to pick it up and SHOWED IT TO ME!

    So you know, the SA show you bags only if they want to show them to you. I was quite upset and did not use that SA anymore. Other than that, there's nothing I can do.
  10. Wow..that's so frustrating. My SA is pretty nice. She is always try to keep me informed. If the item is lauched at the day she's not working, she asked other SA to call me in her behalf. If I ask about something that not in store yet and she doen't know when it will be availabe, she will ask me if it's ok for her to call me . Most of the time I got the info from here first..
    I think I agree with Mr Posh spice, it depends on how much power they have in the store and some people just don't really accomodating..
  11. Wow...that is so irritating!!
  12. I hate the SCP Fendi..they never called me when the Spy I wanted was in (I never ended up getting it anyway), and when you go in there, they follow you around or walk from one side of that middle partition to another, watching what you touch.
    It's like yeah, I regularly come in here and steal things. :rolleyes:
  13. Fendi is ALWAYS the worst!!!
    I had a work meeting at from like 8-10 and went into Fendi afterwards because one of my co-workers got Fendi sneakers. I was in sevens, a sweater and had my canvas messenger on me. I walked in to no greeting and started browsing. The security guard was no more than 4 feet from me the whole time. I turned the corner on the partition and there he was. I walked out of the store. It was ridiculous. Seriously, Fendi isn't all that to me.
  15. You are not going to believe what happenned to me. Each time I call 866 Vuitton...I'm kind of evil. It tells you that they "monitoring calls for quality" but so am I. I write down what time I talked to the SA, who the SA is, what their extension is. I have never ordered from 866 vuitton before so I found out I have to be evil. I put my name down in advance for groom items and miroir items. Apparently one SA blatantly lied and told me she was going to put me on the list for one of the groom items and miroir. I called back 7 days later asking her where is this such item (I'm on the list for others).

    Apparently the SA that had been nice to me had put me on the list for everything I wanted. The second SA completely did not. I called super early for the silver miroir speedy (was already on list for pouchette) and now it says I was never on the list.

    Apparently the third SA I called could tell I was understandably upset and has put me as first to recieve one of the groom items when it comes in (I won't hold my breath..could be a lie too..sorry not very trusting) to correct the error. Also the SA used her power to bump me higher on the miroir list to the date of when I put myself on the list for the pouchette (so I got an extra 2 weeks in). However, again...I don't trust Vuitton :sad:.

    Is it sad that I trust ebay sellers (like let-trade and poupette) more than I trust the actual store?