the truth and nothing but the truth on MURAKAMI MOCA :p

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murakami MOCA truth

  1. i buy/would buy it because i really LOVE and use it a lot

  2. i buy/would buy it because it's a Limited edition LV and wear it because it's a hot item

  3. ugh i don't like it

  4. can't decide my feeling about this bag

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  1. ok, i was wondering just HOW MANY of us are really into this bag, or just into this bag as a collection because it's a LE LV item and not liking it at all...



  2. It's a little OTT IMO...
  3. Aren't there 2 of these thread?
  4. fendi 818">

    yeah but i asked the mods to please delete that one because i intend to post it with a poll :smile:
  5. my personal opinion:

    i will buy this because of murakami, i am a fans of his works long before he joined LV and most of my LV's are the one with his contribution.

    and personally i happen to like the hands more than the kinoko :P
  6. not a fan at all
  7. I like the Neverfull and the Ronde, but find the little thing on the agenda hideous. I think because it's Murakami it'd still be desirable with a wider release, though perhaps not the outright mania the single point-of-sale has caused. I'd never pay ebay prices though, despite the fact I want the ronde.
  8. I think I really like this Neverfull because of the hot pink lining hehe
  9. You don't have a selection on this for your poll, but I agree with you. Murakami is a great contemporary artist; I learned about him when taking Japanese art history.

    I like the MC agenda, actually...but I'm not going to buy. :shame: I have other plans. ;)
  10. I LOVE it. I didn't think I was going to get one when I went, but since getting it last Saturday, I've used it every day, which is pretty rare for me!

    Oh I should add, I went into LV today and so many people (both SAs and customers) were asking to see my bag since they had heard of it but hadn't seen one yet!
  11. Not for me, the items are cute but generally I don't like anything with characters (cartoon, etc) on it. (With ONE exception: Cherry blossoms!) I'm more of a plain, "boring", classic gal :P
  12. I didn't like the bag at first (especially since I already have the reg. GM that I use for work), but what did me in is the gorgeous pink interior. As for the mushroom guy, well, honestly he kinda freaks me out, lol!
    I didn't vote because my answer wasn't one of the choices-which is that I love some of it (the MM and the rond, which I bought), but not necessarily going to use it a lot.

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  13. I love it!!! I want the neverfull MM for its pink lining!
  14. :wondering: The hands freak me out..........always have :wondering:
    Not really my thing, but the pink lining is hot.
  15. like the bag but am only planning to pick up the rond.