the truth and nothing but the truth on MURAKAMI MOCA :p

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  1. ok, i was wondering just HOW MANY of us are really into this bag, or just into this bag as a collection because it's a LE LV item and not liking it at all...



  2. i really like the agenda
  3. I also really like the agenda, and the coin purse is kind of cute. I am not sure I understand the whole legs and hands thing.
  4. I didn't like the bag at first (espedcially since I already have the reg. GM that I use for work), but what did me in is the gorgeous pink interior. As for the mushroom guy, well, honestly he kinda freaks me out, lol!

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  5. I would love it if it did not have those disco hands...and the mushroom cartoon person is just not my thing! However, we all have different tastes..and I get excited for anyone that is in love with something they buy! Hollaa!!
  6. I thought I'd like the lil guy but he's just not that cute to me.. I really like the coin purse but I'm not all that keen on the neverfull anymore.. too much maybe? I'm not sure. I'm kinda sick of the MOCA stuff now :sad:
  7. mods please delete this one, i post another with polls

    thanks and sorry for the trouble :smile:
  8. I love it ALL!
  9. I honestly like it because I think it's funny...the smiling flowers and the hands? Too cute!
  10. i really love the MC agenda... it's soooo cute. the neverfull is kinda okay for me...i just don't like the pink lining
  11. i love it.................anything with a classic orientation that has a trendy, even adorably weird twist to it appeals to me. the little guy kinda looks like an alien spider, but he's cute...........and as a collectible, its TDF
  12. i REaLLY like the agenda and would use it all the time
    i also really like the coin purse
    im not sure about the neverfull though
  13. I think its soooooo FUN!
    Love all of them!
    My Neverfull mm is on its way to me now!
  14. honestly,
    i think the agenda is cute
    but i think the purse is horrendous.
    it looks ugly. the pink interior and the bag itself is the only thing i like about it but def not the design smack in the middle.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.