The truth about waitlists...what you may or may not want to know.

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  1. With all the speculation about Mirior, I thought I would remind everyone waitlist are very subjective and not a guarentee.

    When the supply is plentiful (ie: groom) they will call you and let you know items are in and give you 3 days to come and look at the items.

    When it is very limited (ie mirior), the only way to be sure you are going to get it is authorize an immediate charge to your CC.

    Every store has a wait list specialist, usually a very senior staff member and what he/or she says goes. The higher the rank SA, the more 'pull' they have.

    The first time I came to realize the list was so subjective, was last March...I was leaving the country for over 2 months...I ordered the luggage clip, that works with the older pegase, I had lost mine, when I went to pick it up, they gave it me first freebie...I had never met the SA who brought it out from the back for me, I casually asked about the manhattan gm...she brought out the then stood at 158, and the SA estimated 6 -8 months!!! I laughed and said so much for getting it for my I was walking out one of my regular SAs was returning from lunch...we stopped and chatted, about my trip, etc...I mentioned I was dissappointed I would not be able to get the manhattan...she asked when I was leaving, I said about 10 days...she said no problem, I can get you one by took me back for a moment, and mumbled, that's ok, I don't know if I will be able to get back to the store...she said, 'hang on..' about 3 minutes later she came back and practically sang....'I have one for you'...from 158 and 6-8 months to walking out of the store with it!
  2. oh yes. money talks.
  3. ^^agree!!! That's why its good to have friends in those places.
  4. Yep! : )
  5. Miroir bags will be charged on the 1st.
  6. Great story and very good to know ~ TFS!
  7. yeah i heard from one of the sa.. who came first will get it first (that's for miroir)

    so the list can be like 100 people long, and they might only have 6 items or something..
  8. Here they do not usually charge your CC and I know my store is allocated limited stock based on it's reservation lists....I have seen this when the CB range was launched too .. it usually works out in the end;)
  9. I have yet to be on a wait list. I wish I was in a city with a LV. So I don't have to always look at websites only :shame: I've only bought LV this year, so thanks for sharing!
  10. I'm actually kind of hoping I won't have my I can save the $600...
    I understand though, not having a personal SA is not good, but I just don't have enough money to spend at LV to make good friends with any of the SAs.

  11. usually what they find is that people decline as they are 'over' it and they seem to get through those lists very quickly:yes:
  12. :s Karman-I feel ya! W/the new discover of E lux& E Bates, it's even more rare i actually purchase from store b/c i only go in to check out an item before i place order through E lux-i'd rather have the 4% rebate and save 8.125% tax than have the brown LV shopping bag:sweatdrop:
  13. Yeah...years my "other" life...I had a SA just like that! She left and moved on...oh and how I miss her...LOL, but my wallet doesn't.
  14. I think my store has a larger list for azur than miroir:nuts:
  15.'s so true $$ talks, being close to SA makes it even better.