The Truth About Vero & Ebay

  1. Since eBay has imposed limits on my eBay listing, I have been doing some research on eBay and Vero. It is pretty depressing. Here is a link to an Ebay seller who explains her experiences with Ebay and Vero:

    eBay Guides - Everything you wanted to know about VeRO

    And here is my post on the Ebay discussion boards about what is currently going on with my account and my attempts to contact and communicate with Chloe's representative:

    "Well, I'd like to add my name to the list of sellers who have had limits placed on their account. Really, the limit is more of an inability to list anything. I have been able to list one pair of Chanel boots in five days - my used Chanel boots. Look at my closed auctions to get a feel for what I sell on Ebay. I sell designer clothes and handbags - 80% my stuff and 20% stuff that I find at consignment shops, vintage clothing shops, etc. I do this to continually fund my designer clothing/handbag addiction, and to have extra spending money. I had heard that some people were having restrictions and suspensions, and I really thought to myself, "well, they must have been doing "something" wrong." I'm sorry that I thought that. Because now it has happened to me. I haven't been able to list for five or six days. I just tried to a list a pair of Chanel boots, and it let the item list. So, I thought, o.k., Ebay has reviewed my account (I have been e-mailing and calling every day), and everything is straightened out. I then tried to list a pair of my USED Louis Vuitton boots and a ten year old Louis Vuitton handbag - both mine, and I have the receipts, and the dreaded error 240 came up. So, it looks like I may be allowed to list one item a week. I generally list about twenty to thirty items per week. My Ebay invoice runs from $500 to $650 per month. I am also an attorney, and I have kept excellent records of my correspndence with Ebay. Their canned responses are nonsensical. One Ebay employee told me I had no limitations on my account. Another Ebay employee told me that I had limitations on my account. This seems to have started with me listing one of my new Chloe handbags. I have the receipt where I purchased it from Luisa via roma. I took ten to twelve close up photos, etc., and there is no doubt that the handbag is authentic. Well, Chloe has hired a company to detect counterfeit items. That company reported me to Ebay, and Ebay closed my auction. I then followed Ebay protocol and I contacted the vero rights holder via the e-mail link, and that is when I learned that this company was hired by Chloe to monitor the auctions on Ebay. Here is what they told me:

    "Dear Sir/Madam,

    We represent Chloé in the worldwide enforcement of its intellectual property rights. With respect to your query, the item in question was removed from auction as we believe it bears counterfeit Chloé trademarks and also infringes design rights and copyright owned by the brand.

    Best regards,
    Richemont International SA - Intellectual Property Department

    From: XXXXXX
    Sent: Tue 1/30/2007 5:19 PM
    To: ebay Chloe Account
    Subject: You Removed My Chloe Handbag Listing


    You contacted Ebay, and you requested the removal of the following listing: 130074275746 - NWT$1800+ Chloe Paddington Tall Satchel Rouge

    This is an authentic Chloe Handbag. Do you need a copy of the receipt where I purchased it from Luisa via roma? I did not use any photos or descriptions that were not mine. Please let me know as soon as possible what I need to provide you with.

    I, along with many of my friends, sell our handbags on Ebay. We sell authentic handbags. Many of us have had our listings ended with no reason given other than there is a vero violation. It would be most helpful if you can tell us what we need to do to correct the alleged violation.

    Please contact me as soon as possible.


    I have sent them two e-mails asking them to provide particulars on what they want, but they have sent the same "canned" e-mail.

    According to Ebay protocol, if the Vero Rights Holder does not provide you with the information that you requested they will intervene on your behalf. I have requested that Ebay assist me in this matter. However, I have not heard back from them with regard to THEM contacting the Vero Rights Holder.

    So, I guess because of me listing this Chloe handbag, the limitation was set on my account.

    IMO, the only way litigation will succeed in a case against Ebay is if the case would proceed as a class action. The attorneys would have to see a deep pocket. In this case, the deep pockets would include the VERO rights holders who are unfairly impinging upon people reselling products. Chloe, Coach, etc., can not limit one's ability to resell their product. That would be like Ford saying you can not sell your car once you are done with it, nor can you buy a car that you think may become collectible so that you can make a profit. A company can not create a monopoly on their product by making their product available only at retail establishments. Once they sell their product to the consumer, they lose control over that product. (And I am talking about clothing, handbags, etc. - I'm not talking about guns, etc., so please no responses saying that certain items are controlled) I'm thinking about talking with a local class action attorney about Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Coach, etc., and what they are doing to the Ebay marketplace. Also, Ebay is playing a catchup game - Ebay should have been monitoring their marketplace for a long time. Instead they have reaped the profits of illegal sellers on Ebay. Once they purchased Paypal, they also rec'd those revenues. People who were buying counterfeit items were being ripped off and Ebay would throw up their hands and say, "well, too bad." Lawsuits by Chloe, LV, Chanel, etc., forced them to address what they had done. Now they are doing an incredible disservice to all those reputable sellers on Ebay. To those people who make their living on Ebay, I am so sorry that this is happening to you. For me it is an inconvenience and a nuisance. For those of you who are making your mortgage payments, utility payments, and supporting your children, Ebay's actions are inexcusable."

    In that post, I am responding to some young mothers who use Ebay as a business, and who have literally had their businesses shut down. You can check out the discussion board on Ebay - eBay Forums: Trust & Safety (Safe Harbor)

    Sorry so long winded here, but perhaps this can start explaining what is happening on Ebay to many good sellers and buyers.
  2. I totally agree with what you posted. I'm all for getting ebay shut down. What they are doing is ridiculous.
  3. Great post & yes, I was one of those who got a restriction on their account for no reason.. Actually, with the heartache that the design houses, (Chloe, Chanel, LV, etc..) & VERO are inflicting on us honest people trying to sell our personal bags, I am ceasing to buy high end designer bags in general. I used to buy many expensive designer bags with the thought, "hey, at least I can sell them on Ebay & get most my money back". That no longer holds true. I don't expect to be able to sell my bags like I used to so that has made me choose not to buy them.

    I know their rationale is, if we don't let people sell our bags on Ebay, then consumers will be forced to come & buy new from our boutiques. I'm sure they hate the thought of loosing money to the resale market. That's why this is happening, IMO. In my case, it's backfired on them because they've lost a customer (both Ebay & the labels) I'll be darned if I am going to have someone else dictate what I do with my own personal property.
  4. I thank you for the time you took to post this, it is the most lucid summation of the hundreds of "help!" posts that have flooded this site and others. It's too bad about the "deep pockets", but I agree with you-personally, I think a strike would be effective, with a lot of attendant publicity-no listing May 1, for example, of any privately owned designer goods, and no bidding either. This would unfortunately hit us all where we care about, and the LVMH people might think it was a win, but I think ebay would notice it if there new listings on a certain date dropped significantly-I sell my own designer items, and I used to think ebay was the greatest-no more-but if even in the fashion area we had an organized and publicized no buy/no sell (and why) it might start something...I know this is a huge issue, and I am only one person, but there are a lot of us here, and if we put our heads together in addition to just venting maybe something good would come of it-IMO! Good luck to us all...
  5. i love the letter you wrote.
    canned responses, ebay reaping the profits of illegal trade, great stuff.
  6. they should do a 20/20 on this.
  7. This ebay situation is a lawsuit waiting to happen!
  8. Class action lawsuit form tpf members??????????
  9. Thanks everyone for responding - it is so nice to hear from other members also affected by this. As you all know, I am an attorney, but I do not practice any longer. I still have my license, but I just don't practice law. While I was in law school, I clerked for an attorney who does class action work. I am going to contact him and tell him about the actions of Ebay, Chloe, Coach, et al. Perhaps he would be interested in proceeding against those companies. Just because you are a huge multi-national company doesn't mean that you get to tell people that they can't resell a product once it is purchased from the company. Again, the example would be Ford telling used car lots that they can't sell Ford cars because there may be a chance that they are counterfeit. There are so many of us designer addicts who have become accustomed to buying the best in designer goods, and knowing that in a year or two or three that you would at least get 30 to 50% of the price back so that you could then buy more. The market is still there - there are still people who want to buy used designer goods, but Ebay/Vero is making it quite difficult to reach them. It is so ironic, if you do a search on Ebay China, there are so many counterfeit items! Do a search on the China site and put in Tiffany, and see what comes up.

    I would ask each of you to save your listings, e-mails, etc., so that if a class action is eventually filed, that you will be able to participate (if you want to participate).

    I am in no way soliciting clients - I do not want to ever practice law again - I just want to share some possible options for those people who have been harmed by Ebay/Vero Participants' actions.

    Ebay used to be fun for me and for a lot of other people. My husband has just about had it this week with me running around in absolute frustration and crankiness. We are leaving for Naples on Wednesday, and boy, do I need to get away. :hysteric:
  10. And for all this, the same hideous fake "chloe" bags are still for sale on ebay!! There was such a need to do something about the fakes, but what is occurring is a travesty.
  11. Thank you pugsonpurses - love your avatar! Well, I could definitely participate in a strike - I can't list! My DH would love if I would go on a strike and not buy!!! I think we need to all keep thinking about this, and keep sharing information and ideas. Working as a group will be much more effective than working individually.:yes:
  12. Rollergirl, I know! Isn't that just so weird! When I was able to list (back in the good old days), sometimes my listings would not show up for six to eight hours. I thought that was because they were screening the listing. My assumption has to be wrong because why would they let listings like this get through: eBay: NWT Balenciaga Inspired Motorcycle Purse Bag (item 170080233979 end time Feb-15-07 15:08:41 PST)

    :yucky: Now that bag is just plain yucky!