The Truth About Designer Goods

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  1. I love designer things as much as the next gal but hearing all of you talk about the quality of this and the craftsmanship of that is making me think you've had a bit too much of the koolaid.

    Fact: if you read a quarterly report for Gucci (which is a public company) it is clearly stated that all products are marked up 90%. That means that our $1000 bags cost about $100 to make, (probably less because of the volume of accessories produced.)

    Before you go bashing me and telling me that im bitter that i don't own designer "anything" let me tell you you're wrong. I buy the stuff because it looks great and makes me feel good. Buttons fall off my Tom Ford shirts just as much as much as another brand. The difference is the way it makes me feel, which to me --is worth the money.

    Just be truthful to yourself. It's the way these items make you feel and not the craftsmanship that keep you shopping. You can drink the koolaid but just admit that you're drunk.

    (Don't bother calling me dumb because if im reading financial reports, chances are im not.)
  2. I buy designer because it makes me feel good. I think the quality is good but not invincible.
  3. D- what do you think of the quality of your evelyn?
  4. I wish it were lined. My Dh bought it for me because my name starts with an H. He also got me an H belt and an H key chain.

    He's sweet like that.
  5. :rolleyes:
  6. Don't 4 get the advertising cost !! You have to add it too.
  7. Denial..I did a similar post related to the amount Nordstrom was making despite a 50% or more wasn't a very popular thread. If you also consider where many of the items are made..what country and the fact that the cost of production not only due to the cost of labor but also the lack of regulations ie...environmental impacts giving us things like breaking free ice shelfs so low 10% might even be high because it is a loaded number. Even if they say made in USA many are dyed, harvested, cut, etc in non-regulated countries and only brought together in USA so that they can say this. We as a country are consuming over 80% of the worlds resources..being intellilgent I think at some point we realize that even that great brand doesn't really make us feel good. My NY resolution is not to dis what I have but to really stop and both use and enjoy it but back off a bit and do some other things with my time. maggie
  8. Im kinda Confused...
  9. like it or not, these brands are handed off to celebrites and they end up being photographed with them. that's one reason we like them so much and are willing to pay top dollar. you get a piece of the celebrity lifestyle and get to wear something that is shown in mags like vogue. i personally think the quality of my designer bags is better than average-- more than that, i buy them for the uniqueness of the design. sure i could buy a knockoff but they are just copying the designer and that's not fair. so i don't know what the poster's gripe is with these companies making a large markeup. maybe you are paying more for the advertising and design costs than manufacturing, but there is real value there, don't you think?
  10. I think some brands ARE better quality than the next.
    I personally don't rank your example very highly based on my experience w/ it {Gucci}.
    Sure there's a huge mark up, but there is on almost anything.
    I worked for a baby boutique that makes their own furniture, even sells to uber-price, and the mark up IS massive.

    oh well:shrugs:
  11. Actually regulations have become much more strict. Years ago you used to be able to buy a button in italy and say a pant was "Made in Italy." Now for an item to say "Made in ______ " something like 90% of the manufacturing and materials must come from that country. (I can't remember the exact number any more.) Watch for items that say "Assembled in __________" That means all the materials are from, lets say China, and then it was pressed in France.
  12. I understand what you are saying. The difference b/w your furniture company and a company like Gucci is the marketing/advertising/branding expense, which is enormous.
  13. that's exactly my point. I like the way the items make me feel and the design. I have just been reading through reams of posts boasting the quality of goods.

    I thought that I was doing a public service by posting a few facts.
  14. It is disconcerting how huge the mark-ups are....but we keep buying because we want them.

    My Vet has a 75% markup on a bottle of vitamin paste for my dog. Why????

    Ever been to the Hospital ER lately where you will be charged 75 dollars for a Tylenol? Same stuff you can buy at a Dollar Store.
  15. I find your comments about "drinking the koolaid" very offensive and your comment about "posting a few facts" quite condescending.

    I think some of the ladies in your other threads are correct....we know xxxx when we see them.
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