The "Trunks & Bags" Hags Club!

  1. Are you a Trunk & Bag Hag? Well I am, and proud of it! Come strut your T&B Agenda or Mini Pochette here. There are a few of us already and will be a few more once the new season items such as Damier T&B Agenda hit TPF'ers collections, so.. us yer stamp!! :graucho:

  2. Here's my gorgeous T&B Mini Pochette, bought last month from Brisbane LV. It's hanging with my Congo PM and Panda Clefs (both now sporting stamps of their own!). :love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Count me in!
    i love my T&B Pochette i use it alot , It's so cute:heart:
  4. Yay, another! I'd love to see some Agenda pics in this thread, and have realised too that those Globe Trotter bags have a whopping great T&B stamp on them too! I love these bags, though I doubt I could ever bring myself to spend so much upon cotton canvas (as opposed to the monogrammed sort, hahaha!).. :push:

  5. Oh there are shoes, too, and of course those gorgeous cute coin purses... :love:


    I'd love a coral one of these...
  6. Here's my subtle Tobago shoe bag...

  7. STUNNING!! I love it, it's beautiful. Is it a dark brown or a black?
    Thanks for posting! :tup:
  8. Gold Street PM and T&B mini pochette :smile:
  9. And here's the Neverfull Scarf with the T&B logo :smile:

  10. Lovely!! That scarf is gorgeous.. I've got to say that's the first LV scarf I could really see myself with. Any other pics of it?
  11. i love the T&B logo :tup: here's my Tobago Shoe Bag:

  12. My T&B Agenda....hopefully the first of many to come!
    TBAgenda.jpg TBAgenda2.jpg
  13. Mine.....
  14. Fantastic, thanks for all the new posts, people! :tup:

    Am absolutely loving those Tobago shoe bags.. do they come in different sizes? I think a smaller one would look great on a girl.
  15. [​IMG]