The true test of a celebrity's beauty: what she looks like bald

  1. Beautiful hair can enhance the looks of even the plainest woman. So is the true test of a woman's beauty what she looks like without any?

    This week former glamour model Jordan criticised Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, saying they were not truly beautiful.

    The mother-of two was quoted as saying: "You just have to imagine them with no hair and no make-up and see if they'd still look great." Taking Jordan's lead, we put several famous faces under the spotlight and stripped them of their defining locks.


  2. This is freaky!!! I feel like all these women are up for a part in Coneheads!:nuts: I think Sienna looks the best! Cate is close second.
  3. well... i think Reese and Naomi don't look too bad w/o hair! you can really see how some of their ears stick out...
  4. Reese still looks cute.
  5. feel like im looking at a bunch of aliens.LOL!

    I think Reese and Sienna still look good..
  6. Haha, most of them look just as good as with hair. NOT sarah jessica though, she looks like a transvestite. :sad:
  7. freaky!!! sienna still looks ok.
  8. I vote for Reese!
  9. ahhh that is exactly what I thought!!!:yes:
  10. I saw this in my daily newspaper this morning, Loved it!
    Reese and Sienna most definitly look the best, Nigella Lawson looks slightly freak, and suprisingly as I think she is so beautiful any other time Katie Holmes looks really bad. And as for the Queen . . . . . . . . . . .
  11. I think Sienna actually looks better without hair...
  12. scary........
  13. weird. lol. sienna still looks great.
  14. My vote goes to Reese

  15. LOL me too! I never thought Sienna was attractive until seeing her bald! LOL :roflmfao:

    OMG Poor Renee she really needs her hair! She looks like Gollum!