The True Definition Of A Workaholic

  1. LONDON (AFP) - Britain's oldest worker has enjoyed a day off to celebrate his 100th birthday but explained he would become a "miserable sod" if he ever had to retire for good.
    "Buster" Martin, a mechanic for a south London plumbing firm who has 17 children and 70 grandchildren and great grandchildren, tried giving up work at the age of 97 but couldn't face the boredom.
    "Boredom is a big killer of men," he told the Daily Telegraph. "I went back to work because I like to keep active," adding that if he ever retired he would become "the most miserable sod you have come across."
    The centenarian, who grew up in an orphanage and first married when he was 14, joined the Grenadier Guards and served in World War II before switching to the Navy.
    In more recent years he worked on London market stalls. He now lives in south London, where one of his few concessions to modern technology is a television.
    "I have never in my life owned a phone -- they are a bloody nuisance," he said. "You can be sitting peacefully indoors and they start ringing. I hate them."
    Neither is he too keen on foreign holidays. "You are only going to spend a lot of money to go over and do the same things you would do here," he told the daily.
    "I am living a holiday here. I wake up every morning and am happy in what I do."
  2. Wow...he looks good for his age! Bless his heart!
  3. aww that's sweet! good for him to have such great outlook on life!
    i wish i can be half as active and as healthy as him at that age! :yahoo:
  4. hahaha what a dude!
  5. He does look good for being 100! Holy cow!
  6. Aw, that's sweet! That's so true though, I don't know what I would do if I didn't work!
  7. I saw him on the news two or so weeks ago!

    He definitely does NOT look like he's 100 years old! A very sweet story
  8. Holy cow, I only hope to be as healthy and lively as him at 100 !
  9. He looks so happy, that's cute