The trouble with cellulite...

  1. I feel totally down today :sad: , I just took a look in the mirror and they look totally body seems so ugly :sad: I'm only 19 so I'm thinking what it would be like when I'm fifty or so...If its like this NOW!

    I really need help! I've got these little pimple's on my bottom :sad: , I don't know why!
    Maybe its coz I SIT too much...or so I was told.

    Please I need help, I need to get rid of all this fat, I'm lax on gym practice...but I'm willing to take it seriously...but is there any way I could make it go away faster?! :crybaby:

    Any advice?
  2. Hi designeraddiction! The good news is that cellulite is not permanent and you can get rid of it especially at 19. The bad news is the only way I know is through diet and excersize. You just have to have some patience. When you work out make sure to do plenty of lunges and squats of all kinds. :biguns:For most of us this is the hardest area to work on and nothing works better. I know from experience. Good luck and you'll look great in no time.
  3. i dont know much about it. but i know that even slim woman get cellutlite.. i have it too adn would love to know how to get rid of it.. i know if you do endermologie it helps
  4. I have cellulite also. The only thing that works is diet and exercise, drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and to help flush out any toxins. I also get those bumps:sad: I get them from sitting too long and also from exercising a lot. I finally found out how to keep them at bay is to exfoliate and not put lotion on that area, especially if it is hot outside. Get an exfoliant without oil in it, Aveda has a good body scrub that I use for this. Good luck.
    Oh if it makes you feel any better like it does me, my boyfriend has cellulite on his bum:yahoo: :yahoo: and he is a small guy, not fat at all!
  5. Girls, your feedback means a lot to me, thank you so much! ;)
    Alioops, just got back from the gym actually...patience is a must at these times, unfortunatly I'm not very good at it, but excersise I can do...I used to do gymnastics and I stopped...and All this is very new to me...:sad:

    Baby boo ...endermologie huh? I'll look it up..

    Juliep...I'm glad I'm not the only one hehe, Aveda? Thank you! btw say hi to your bf for me ;)
    Please let me know if anything else helps!
  6. My boyfriend's sister had cellulite, she had a couple of endermologie sessions and it totally helped.:flowers:
  7. Unfortunately, you will NEVER get rid of cellulite permanently. Exercising, eating properly and drinking lots of water does help, but once you stop doing these things, it will come back. Cellulite is a genetic thing and no matter how thin you are, you can have it.
  8. cellulite is eseentially trapped fat ... so endermologie helps- will not cure but will help
  9. The hardest thing about exercise is the start of it. Once you get into a routine, it's not that hard anymore.
  10. For cellulait... do any type of scrub(i use a soap containing dead sea ingredients) and then wash it away with hot water. Then when you come out of the bathroom use a anticellulite cream (i use aqua-control by Christian Dior-the best i have tried).Its a start...