The Trim - Never thought I'd own one; but here she is!

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  1. I never thought it'd happen but I recently got a Trim. I've never been that much of a Trim fan but ......

    I had been carrying my Kelly every day and was wanting a little variety and to give her a rest from time to time. I'll be traveling in May and don't want to take my Kelly but need a bag a little bit dressier and a bit more summery than my ebene Evelyne.

    Soooo, I had an opportunity to try a gently used Trim and the seller is a lovely tPF-er. I like it! I have to say that it isn't quite the same as it is with my Kelly... When I look at my Kelly I get feelings of love... with the Trim it is more feelings of "like".

    It holds a ton... the same amount as my 32 Kelly. It actually has a bigger look than the Kelly as you can see from the last picture.

    I like the way the Trim fits on the shoulder and under the arm. Very comfortable. Also, the strap is short, so the bag can be hand carried or over the arm if necessary.

    It's a really nice bag... my only issue with it is that it has a "preppy" look and I hate "preppy". It's soooo not me. So, I added a ton of bling on her... my Breloque and in some pics both the Breloque and the heart cadena... Maybe a bit much and not sure I'll keep both on there....

    So, here she is ... 31 Trim II ... Barenia and Toile ... With Gusset and Zipper ... K Stamp




    My entire rainbow fits!

    I think the 32 Kelly looks so small next to the 31 Trim!
    trim 2.jpg trim 3.jpg trim 9.jpg trim 6.jpg Trim 7.jpg
  2. It's a very nice bag Kallie Girl and practical for traveling. The addition of the Breloque is a great way to personalize the bag.
  3. KG - Congrats - beautiful Trim II!!!
    I would have done the same thing with the breloque - LOL
    I LOVE my H hardware!!!
    She looks so pretty - enjoy her~~
  4. She is just gorgeous!!!!!!!! Enjoy in the best of health KG!!!!
  5. Oh beautiful!!!! I really want a toile too some day, and I think the trim has such a ageless look to it!!!!! Now stop with the preppy start chanting classy classy classy !!!!!! Really a perfect bag for the summer!!!! adding: just don't wear with plaid pants and lizards on shirts!
  6. Beautiful Trim. i'm starting to like toile a lot. Enjoy your new bag!
  7. Ooo, love the Barenia and Toile combo, very nice!! Not preppy at all. I like it without the extra Heart Cadena, just the Breloque.

  8. Lovely new Trim. Isn't it nice when a fellow tPFer can help you out.
  9. Great idea adding the Breloque - I think it makes it look much more fun and less preppy. I'd suggest only using the Breloque and saving the heart cadena for another bag.
  10. very elegant, very summery, very practical!

  11. congrats on your new trim! the toile is perfect for summer. i don't think it looks preppy at all....and adding the charms certainly gives it a "funkier" twist. love it!

    action pics pls......
  12. Love the color combo! Gorgeous!
  13. Thanks so much, everyone.... and thanks for "saving me from myself"! I removed the heart... it was toooo much, I agree... I was a bit over enthusiastic with the add-ons, wasn't I!! :P
  14. Beautiful! I doesn't bring to mind a prepster at all, but a lovely and elegant Parisienne. Enjoy!
  15. I've never been a big fan of the Trim, but I LOVE this one. It could be my perfect summer bag. How hard is it to keep the toile clean?