The trim doesnt seem to be very popular with many TPF members...

  1. may I ask why? I am dying for one of the troika trims yet I am not sure how i feel about the trim in general.
  2. I Love The Trim (No I Don't Own One ~ But, I Would Love To). It's So Beautiful & Classy. Gorgeous In Troika.
  3. I love the Trim, but I wish there were a size just a tad smaller than the 31cm for me.
  4. I love the Trim. I have 2. It's a perfect day bag and I love it because of its slim base.
  5. ^ There's a 30cm Tsako?

    On the contrary, many members here love the Trim.
    I LOVE the Trim. I have an all-barenia one and it's one of my favourite bags of all time.

  6. dont they make a 27cm?
  7. They do a 15cm.
  8. HG: Do you like the Mini Trim?
  9. So the million dollar question???????? If I were to find and buy the troika trim, will th hair rub off where the bg rubs on your side?
  10. That's too small. I was thinking along the lines of a 29 cm. I'm like Goldilocks, it has to be "just right".
  11. The troika is so soft and luxurious, you may overlook this possibility.
  12. I want a blonde troika Trim with ebene, but they only come in 35cm, and I'm a 31cm gal.

  13. mmmmmmmmmm "the casden bag" and now maybe the "Hermesgroupie trim"
  14. I love the trim; such a classic.

    I have one and would be open to another in the right leather.

    I like the look of the troika but I would worry about the pony hair rubbing off. It happened too much with pony hair shoes for me to ever get one
  15. i actually wondered about that--so the troika trims in both colors are 35cm only?