The tribute club!!!!

  1. okokokok. i know none of us on here actually own this bag, but i thought it would be cool to start a club with people who have the bags that the tribute was made up of!

    lets make our own little tribute :smile:
  2. [​IMG]
    i know someone out there has a squichy, and a ton of you have riveting bags!
    also, the new rond cles!
    or the l'aimable?
  3. Here are my contributions.


    I no longer have the Kirsten but here's the latch.

    And here's the long chunky chain from the Fersen.
  4. ^ AWESOME! i love your bags!
  5. Yup, here's my coin purse too:
  6. considering that coin purse......
  7. What a great club idea!

    Where is that porte monnaie ronde located on the Tribute bags? Or are we talking about the LV trunk stamp that is on those buttons?
  8. ^^ Just the Trunks and Bags stamp that's on the Polka Dot Fleurs part.
  9. It's also got the same cool clip on the tribute bag. Love the rond!
  10. Now I know you have one of them miriors Rebecca. Post it lvbabydoll:yahoo: !

  11. Lol it took me a minute but you mean the pochette that goes with the plaque de inventeur, right?
    Here's my group shot hehe.
  12. I :heart: this coin pouch...does it come in any other color? how much is it? and how big is it compared to the heart pouch? Just wondering if I can fit cards in this rond pouch
  13. Ahhh! I'm "swooning" ... LOL :amazed: :love:
    How cocky does it seem to tell someone you're in love with a mirror? hehe
  14. It's a bit bigger than the heart one. And a card fits in it either horizontally or vertically, but the zipper doesn't close comfortably and I don't want to force it.
    As for the price it's $375 and comes in a coral (peachy pink), yellow, yellow/green and white.
  15. Haha I never thought of it that way! :roflmfao: