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  1. had to share mike's (my favorite celebrity blogger) post on the tribute. plus the pic looks different than others i've seen, had to share!

    $45,000 for This?

    Blogs from left to right are calling this bag the ugliest ever. The Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag is also one of the most expensive at $45,000. It's apparently already sold out. LV only made a couple of dozen of the fugly thing and they've already been paid for and delivered. Let me Olsen, a Hilton and a Lohan?
    When the bag hit Paris runways last fall, critics called it "Frankenstein's monster."
    Fake ones are already springing up! All you have to do is go to Chinatown and buy several fake ones and put them together, but why? It would still be hideous. No self-respecting bag lady would even carry this crap.

  2. thats the backside of the bag, thats why it looks different.

    the bag is amazing, its not fugly

    the price is unknown because multiple threads keep coming up on this bag with diff. prices, $35k $45k $50k...

    personally for the work put into it and the MATERIALS, the price isnt all that bad.

    the end
  3. There is alligator or croc/ what ever it is on it (the black) the front which has orange alligator or croc on it. The quilted monogram, actual fur, the woven leather for the east/west bags, those buttons which are part of the les estrodinaires line this s/s, suhali leather on the front, the squichy bag, That limted lexington with fluers on it from waaay back. You need to consider all the work/materials that are put into this bag... all of what i just mentioned simply SCREAMS expensive!
  4. Louis Vomitus.
  5. I like that bag. Most people say it's ugly cuz they can't afford it in *MY* opinion.

    *hides in the closet*
  6. I really like that bag, it's right in season with the patchwork trend that's sweeping through the fashion world. I also agree, if most people could afford it - they would get it.
  7. this bag was also on the view today. they had the audience guess the price and Rosie said she could make it in her craft room at home for $10. I love LV but I have to admit it was pretty funny
  8. But...does the pochette function? If yes - it's kind of a cool outer pocket.
  9. I could not agree with you more... if people don't like it at all and are just going to call it names, I don't see why they even bother giving their op on why they don't like the bag? Some words that are said are kinda harsh, and it my be offensive due to the fact that some of us are big fans of the bag. :shrugs: I dunno. That's just my op. :smile:
  10. I didnt care for it much, but I am in love with it now.

    All those great lines put together on one bag, sigh. I am in heaven!
  11. So, are you suggesting that if someone doesn't like something (agree with you) that they have no right to express that opinion? Or, as you put it...wasting their time giving their op...(?)
  12. John, you have never hesitated to state your opinion. That's one thing about this forum or did I miss the memo and we all have to agree? They're not wasting their time, they're expressing how they feel. As long as they're doing it in a safe, appropiate manner, I don't see the problem... :shrugs:
  13. Well put! Since when do any of us have to worry about our opinion being a waste of time. Every opinion should count!
  14. Well I am sorry but I don't care if that is the front or the back of the bag I do agree with the blogger. It's Fugly and had it been created by any other designer a lot of people who are saying they love it would be saying that it's fugly.

    I'm old enough to say what I wish. I know what I like and dislike and I am saying I don't like the bag. Love Louis Vuitton....don't like this particular bag.....just like I don't like the Groom line...that's just me and my taste.

    Don't care if it was 10 dollars or 100,000 dollars either...I'd never buy or carry it.

    On the other hand I can see how in terms of investing it would be a good investment (I'm all about I know that if a person has one the value would be tremendous and some fool who is label obsessed would buy the fugly thing for twice the price I paid for
  15. I honestly don't really know what I think of this bag... it's certainly interesting.

    At any rate, I am curious who the 24 alleged owners of these bags are, and if we'll ever see one worn by someone.

    As far as the whole to post or not to post a negative opinion is concerned, the mod has inadvertently opened a can of worms... I say it once again: all opinions are valid and are allowed be posted anytime. Nothing is wasted breath, except insults and idiotic remarks.
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