The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Lacquerhead

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  1. I'm starting a new thread so we can rant, vent and provide each other with emotional support for our chosen lifestyle!

    Share your nail polish stories - from the disdain of co-workers to secret polish hoarding, and everything in between. This is your safe place! :smile:
  2. Okay, I have a silly little story that proves there's something wrong with my brain!

    I was wearing a somewhat loud neon pink polish and one of my co-workers remarked that it was rather "conservative" for me. Naturally, I thought she was being sarcastic. Turns out she wasn't - she said I usually wear polishes "with blue bits in it and stuff". Now, instead of thinking, "hmmm, maybe I should tone down the nail polishes for work", I'm racking my brain trying to think what I was wearing that had "blue bits in it" because it sounds interesting! :shame: :lol:
  3. haha! I'm sure I've worn polish "with blue bits" in it to work before.

    I think the thing that I struggle with the most at the moment is choosing what to wear. Outfits are easy - manis are hard! Especially seeing as - even with my very loose definition of work appropriate - there is still a large number of my untrieds that I can only wear on weekends.

    Work nail choice tends to be a function of how many meetings I have, how brain draining the work I'm going to be doing is (ie. do I need sparklies to keep me sane), how likely it will be that I see anyone senior, and finally, what I'm planning on wearing. You can see why it involves so much thinking - and why I can't tell anyone how much thought I put into it!
  4. I have two I can think of right now.
    First, I hate when people ask me what color I have on. I know they won't get it, especially since I wear mostly Indies now. So I just lie, and say I forgot, or I picked it up at the mall.
    Second, everytime I'm at work and my polish chips, I put a bandaid on my finger. Then I have to deal with people asking how I hurt my finger.
    Apparently nail polish addiction has turned me into a liar. :sad::shame:
  5. My biggest pet peeve is when the people that work at make-up counters know less about upcoming (or current!) collections than me... It happens a lot.
    So now I just pretend I know just as little: "I'm looking for one of the new Chanel colors... It's, like, this dark-ish color. I think it's called something like..Vertigo, or something. Have you seen it here? It might've been in a collection with a light grey-ish nude, if I remember well. I don't know what it's called. Its number? Nooooo idea!" :lol:
  6. I own sooo many glitter polishes but in the past couple of months I haven't worn any of them. I seriously dread the removal process (even with foil!) that I never want to put any of them on. My pile of untried indies is huge because they're allllll glitters and it makes me so sad to look at them!
  7. This is me! I love glitters and how they look, but I dread the removal process. I also hate when people ask me about what color I am wearing as well. They always have something wierd to say like- "How much does Chanel nail polish cost"? Sort of rudely, like I am crazy for spending so much on nail polish. They just don't understand. :shrugs:
  8. This thread is so funny!

    I thought this was hilarious! I've totally done the bandaid on my finger before, and when people comment on my polish or ask me what it is I don't give them details about it unless I know they know what they're talking about! :P

    Have you tried a peel off base coat or the DIY glue base coat? I think it makes life so much easier, and you can pile on the glitter! :P
  9. Whenever I'm wearing an indie I say it was a gift and looks handmade. I never know what to say!
  10. I'm so trying the glue thing soon. I have the same glitter issues - so pretty, but even the foil method is a PITA. I bought those acetone finger soaking thingies but I still haven't been glittering lately.
  11. Try a peel off base coat! There's a thread about it in this forum somewhere. Since I started using it I use a different glitterbomb every day, removal is just so easy!

    My nail polish confession:

    I match my outfits to my manis, instead of the other way round.
  12. I've tried the glue base coat but it didn't work that well for me! I think I have to try using a thicker coat of glue next time...or find the peel off!
  13. Are you using PVA/craft glue? The sort of glue that we used as kids at school, when you put glue all over your fingers, let it dry and then peel it off like a skin? So gross but so much fun back then :P

    Anyway, I only use super thin coats, and I find it peels off much more smoothly when it's wet, so I peel it off in the shower.

    I had a bottle of woodworking glue at home when I first heard about peel off base coat, I gave that a go and it was not pretty!

    Good luck :smile:
  14. Yup, it was craft glue. I'll try peeling it off when it's wet next time - thanks for the tip!
  15. This is such a good idea for a thread!!!

    I, too, have lied just to avoid having to explain! I also match most of my outfits to my mani, or pedi, as it is necessary!

    With the peel off base coat, DIY or not, does it damage your nails? I have done SOG np and when you peel off that, it really damages your nails for a long time! (I did it before I knew better...I know not to now!) I would hate to be doing the same thing!