~~~The TREVI Club~~~

  1. Let's start a club for the beautiful Trevi PM & GM. So, ladies as your stunning Trevi's arrive, please post pics........
    IMO, This is the perfect bag. Totally worry-free and gorgeous.

    I'll start...... :heart:
  2. Ok, Ill add my trevi, I love this bag. It is so cute and easy to care for. LOve it!!!
    LV 002.JPG LV 003.JPG LV 004.JPG
  3. I love this bag...

    But it looks kinda formal... Do you think it will go with a more casual look?
  4. Yes, I plan to wear it with more casual clothes. That's what I love about it. I think it can be dressy or casual. :yes:
  5. Sjunky13, I love it with the inclusion speedy. Gorgeous.
  6. I'm in :yahoo:
    Trevi & Bandeau.jpg
  7. I love this bag!

    Do any of you have pictures of the interior?
  8. I am so in love with this bag ladies!!! I need $$$$!!!
  9. Which is the GM? I am thinking of returning my Neo Cabby for this. Can anyone tell me the cost of the Trevi?
  10. return your neocabby...is it black...that would be a sin it is the hottest bag out there...the trevi is pretty hot too...I just love the neocabby in black :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  11. The Trevi PM is $1,460. I'm not sure about the GM. I was trying to decide between these two bags as well and decided on the Trevi. It has more of a classic look. I think it will still be beautiful and stylish in 10 years. ;)
  12. I saw both the Cabby in black and the Trevi.. no contest.. the TREVI wins hands down!!!!! SPectacular.. I am saving for it as we speak! I tried my brown monogram pastilles "bracelet" on the Trevi.. OMG, it looked so amazing, just dressed it up nicely!
    Congrats girls.. I can't wait to join this club!
  13. Count me in! I will take and post pics of my trevi pm later on. I love this bag!!
  14. I am new...and would love to join in! the bag is such classic, but with modern update and detailing...so versatile. just love it!
    IMG_1305.JPG IMG_1307.JPG
  15. Valerka, you look amazing with your Trevi. Love the garden pic!!