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  1. Share your love and intel for all things Trendy here! Please make sure you've shared pics in our valuable Library resource as well :tender:
  2. #3 Apr 2, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2020
    I’ll start!!! Here’s my trendy CC. It’s luxurious and well made inside and out! Prob my favorite bag of all.:heart::heart:

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  3. Yeah! So happy we have a trendy club! This is my first small trendy in dark grey. 1807F0B3-86AB-4A2E-84A4-806A47E92F9C.jpeg FD03AAEC-DDD3-4FF0-949D-9204225FBA6C.jpeg D9DEA295-CFA8-449D-B11A-73F18F7882CF.jpeg I just received this one this week. Hope you all share your beautiful trendy’s soon. Thanks.
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  4. Sweet there’s a club for this bag now. Here’s my Bleu Clair in small
    Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG IMG_4636.JPG
  5. Please add these beauties and any info on them in the Library :tender:
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  6. I'm SO glad this club is here! Beautiful bags! I am fighting the pull toward the Trendy, because the gold top plate scares me. Is it hard to keep it from scratching?
  7. I’m not sure because i only have mine a week. I feel like it’ll be fine you don’t touch that area anyhow when you lift the flap up and also the handle protects it as well. The bag is amazing!! It’s my favorite of them all I’ve ever owned. The compartments are so nice and spacious. It reminds me of a LV Pochette Métis but in leather...
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  8. Hopefully others who’ve had this bag for a while will chime in. I checked a lot of YouTube videos on this bag because it’s beautiful but I was also nervous about it too but more because of the lambskin (ugh lambskin is just so luxurious). I feel like minimal people said the plate scratched enough to be upset about.
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  9. The lambskin has help up well on this so far. I’ve been carrying to grocery stores in the car moving it around a lot and it’s really durable and luxe! I don’t think i can do caviar bags again
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  10. This is great to hear and really looking forward to rocking this out!
  11. I have to agree. I just received mine too this past week. I know the plate can certainly get minor wear and tear as long as you take care of your bag it will be fine. I think the leather will turn out more durable as well. I do recommend maybe getting a darker color first so you won’t have to baby it too much and you can enjoy. Good luck.
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  12. 19B Small Chevron in Green Lambskin and Champagne Gold HW
    I’m in love with the color and the soft leather and I use it a lot to go to the office... as well as admiring it during the lockdown...
    8867DA67-4BE7-48F0-BB4D-29D4047242F5.jpeg F25D3217-6C1A-478B-8F67-0CEEEE526D20.jpeg 7C113278-29AB-4841-9187-0C7E25379AF2.jpeg
  13. So pretty! Love your shoe collection as well! Enjoy.
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  14. This is one gorgeous shade of’s probably the perfect green. And you’re rocking it!
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