~~The Trendy Club TIVOLI~~

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  1. Here is the place to post some fabulous photos of your beautiful Tivoli....


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  2. I need more pics to feed my appetite until I can hopefully afford the Tivoli gm!:graucho:
  3. i'm in! just came home w/ the tivoli gm
  4. I got it today:smile:

    photos taken by mobile, so a little bit unclear~

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  5. Officially joined!

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  6. Any modeling pics? I'm just dying to know if it's equivalent to a speedy size. Thanks! I just lub lub LUB the PM!
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  7. Keep them coming :wlae:
  8. Are both the PM and GM made of one continuous piece so that there are upsidedown LVs on the back side?
  9. I love it LynPink!!! Congrats! :tup:
  10. Congrats all Tivoli Clubmembers !!
    I am still deciding between the Tivoli GM and the Palermo PM....

    As I was looking at the photos of the Tivoli GM.....I just noticed.......
    the rolled handles are completely removable.........which means you can change them out for replacement if they get super-dirty !!!!!

    One more pro for the Tivoli side.....:tup::tup::tup:
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  11. Yes for the PM. Not sure about the GM.
  12. Here she is~~~:yahoo:

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  13. I think I might be falling for the GM.........
  14. Confused on the the Tivoli PM handles? Rolled straps or flat? Catalog had rolled (like the poppincourt), but the web had flat. And your pics have rolled. Please help...thanks!!!! They're sold out at my LV boutique. So I wasn't able to see them this past weekend.