The trend towards smaller handbags

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  1. It seems like there is a trend toward smaller handbags this season. I was just curious how others felt about the change in direction from big bags to smaller, more structured styles?
    I am actually glad to see this since I am not a "big" bag girl myself and I really like some of the new small profiles. Also I am really glad that I did not sell off my Speedy 25 (I almost did more than quite a few times) because I think that it will become more versatile now with the smaller trend in place.

    Personally I just adore the BB styles for everyday wear!
  2. Funny, I'm very much a large hobo bag person but recently I've been loving the cute little BB bags so much that I've ordered a SC BB to be honest looking at that bag in the BB size it seems to hold its shape much more than the slightly larger PM size.

    I'm quite happy that they still make big bags but I'm starting to lean towards smaller bags for everyday use. Not sure how many people have seen the python Emp speedy 20 it's just the most beautiful little bag ever!
  3. I like both I love big bags and small for days when I don't want to carry too much
  4. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I buy my bags because I like them, not because fashion dictates that's what I should carry. So I will either carry a larger bag or a smaller bag depending on my needs for that occasion.
  5. +1 ita!
  6. Small bags are impractical for me. I carry a lot of stuff and could never manage with a small bag. I only use small bags for weddings dresser events. I don't go by what's in at the moment but what I like and makes sense for my lifestyle.
  7. I agree, I am not a big bag person at all! I would love an Alma BB as an everyday bag and carry my Sac Plat for documents and folders (if need be).
  8. It doesn't bother me. As much as small bags are cute and I wish I can fit my stuff in them, I just can't. Big bags work best for me no matter what the trend is.
  9. Like others, I buy what I like. Though I am petite, I like bigger bags in general unless I'm going out to dinner or getting dressy. A small bag on a daily basis doesn't make sense for this busy mom of 4!
  10. I am also not a fan of small bags. looks very twee imo.
  11. I love the look of small bags but I hardly ever get to use mine because I always have stuff to carry. Pity!
  12. Small bags are cute and I wish I could shove all my stuff into one, but it just doesn't work for me. I have my mommy bag when I'm with my dd and then I have my Speedy 30 for when it's just me. Hate that I can't use my Speedy when I'm with my dd, but a handheld doesn't work with a baby.
  13. +1


  14. +1!!!