The Traveling RM Bag!

  1. What a great thread! Wish I had known about this before I made the drive from Ohio to CA! I would have taken lots of random pics along the way with my Nikkis :yes:
  2. The pictures all look so great! I can't wait to take my RM on vacation.
  3. ok this wasnt taken this summer but here is a pic of me with my wine nikki at Newport on the Levee (??) in Kentucky. But the background is actually of downtown Cincinnati. :biggrin:

  4. I love all these pictures!
    Ghall - my husband give me crap whenever he sees me taking a picture of one of my purses. They just don't understand. :shrugs:
  5. OK, so this is the best I can do for "travel" this summer thus far. We went to a Colts game today, here's dark grey MAC waiting for the game to start...


  6. ghall and jennyS - you're so brave to bring your RMs to a stadium! I wouldn't be able to watch the game because I'd be so paranoid about someone dousing my bag with beer or garlic fries...

    Enjoying all the travel pics...great thread, ReecesPieces!
  8. Great pic at the Colts game Jenny!
  9. I was in San Diego on business today... although I am not in these shots...

    My Stone MAM...

    at Oakland Airport... she was sleepy, so early!


    and at RA Sushi in Downtown/Gaslamp District

  10. ardj, gorgeous photo!
  11. Thanks ReecesPieces and Bella :biggrin:

    I held the bag on my lap the entire game like that ;) Definitely wouldn't let it touch the ground there, you never know when someone might spill something in the row behind you...
  12. I just think about the other fans around when we are holding up our bags!
  13. I didn't bring a RM to FL, but had something else!

  14. Cute picture! :cool:
  15. Love it TX!