The Traveling RM Bag!

  1. Love the pics ghall, musicjunkie, HGG :biggrin: RMs travel so well....

    I feel your pain ecountry, I studied abroad in Italy about ten years ago and wish I would have had RMs for pics everywhere we went!!! :pout:(So, I can't wait for Bella's pictures from Italy! :biggrin:)
  2. rocker on the tea cups at Disneyland!
  3. Cute pics and the Rocker enjoying the tea cup rides haha! ;)
  4. ^^ ghall Love your "action" shots! I hope your rocker is not feeling dizzy after the ride of teacup!
    Your daughter is adorable!

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    Nikki at Victoria Peak. You can see part of the HongKong skyline in front of me, but it's pretty blurry >_<


  6. Is that Distressed Black? I love it! You look great!
  7. LOVE the teacup pictures ghall! :biggrin:
  8. Yep it is :smile: And thanks! ;)
  9. very nice Fenix! to be honest- i'm quite envious of your non touching thight.... sigh....
  10. Thanks! But it's just a combination of bow legs and skinny jeans... not much to be proud of :sweatdrop:
  11. Stormy Grey Mini Beloved at AT&T/PacBell Park for the Giants/Padres game last night!

    pre game snack!

    my husband shook his head and gave me dirty looks when i took those pics at the park.. he say "i can't beleive you're doing purse business at the ball park"... LOL!
  12. ^ i love the 2nd pic!!
  13. :yahoo: I promise, I won't disappoint!
  14. Ghall!! Awesome!
  15. hehehehehe, me and my Dusty Rose MAM at the Car Wash!