The Traveling RM Bag!

  1. haha RP, my husband hates taking pics of my purses around too, he gets all embarassed, like gosh why do you have to do this? most of the time he doesn't mind so much as long as he can just stand there and pretend like he doesn't know me!
  2. Gorgeous pics, RP! The pic of your boyfriend holding your Darling cracks me up. My bf would probably let me take a pic of him carrying my purse, but he'd probably tuck it under his arm or hold it from the handles like a grocery bag! He says it's not manly to wear bags on your shoulders. :p
  3. ^ ReecesPieces your D.C. pics are so cute.

    I love this thread. Best. Idea. Ever. Now I just need to go somewhere fun and take some pics...
  4. thanks for the comments ladies!

    madbrinks238 - my darling is in cardinal :smile:

  5. it was actually closed for the holiday weekend! i was sooo bummed! i really wanted to see it.
  6. ^ Love the pics RP! My family would think I am nuts if I took pics of my bag...I am going to try to sneak one in the next time I'm out.
  7. Those pics of your Cardinal Darling are fantastic RP!! It's such a gorgeous shade of red. What a fun & educational trip she had! :p
  8. I like the contrast between the red on your Cardinal Darling and the white on the Capitol building.

  9. ^ I feel like it needs to hold a sign saying "Darling for President!"
  10. On the way to SF!

    My MAMM checking out the band, Evangelist, at Pissed Off Pete's in San Francisco!
  11. Nice pics, TGP. But tell me... why is Pete pi$$ed off? :p
  12. ReecesPieces, love your pictures in DC! I think your Cardinal Darling was the perfect bag to take on your vacation, so many white buildings and the Red is perfection!
  13. i found some leftovers on my blackberry! totally forgot about these!!

    At the base of Washington Monument, US dept of commerce in the backgound!


    Looking towards the Lincoln memorial

  14. ha this thread is so fun
  15. summer is half over but dont let that stop you from traveling! i cant wait to see more pics of RM all over the place!