The Traveling Mulberry!

  1. Since I am rather obsessive and start planning way too early, I need help!
    I have a May bday and will turn 49, so I am thinking since we took a great trip for Dh's 50th, I can start planning mine! ( even though i am a year and a half early)

    If we took a trip to UK and spent a couple of days in London. what part of the countryside is the most fun? We love to get in the car and drive (shopping along the way and sight seeing) and stay at nice little inns. The only requirement is a stop at a Mulberry outlet and great pubs for DH. Any ideas???????? Also, live music.:jammin::jammin:

    Also, with all the minis, that would be a requirement! I guess they can be rented ???

    Thanks for your help! Welcome any suggestions for other places too!
  2. Definately go to Bath..
    Beautiful part of the country, great town, fantastic shops, lovely countryside and a Mulberry outlet nearby.
    Have a look on tripadvisor, we stayed at the Royal Crescent Hotel and had a fantastic weekend....Very British!!
  3. OO, you're always welcome to come and stay with us!!! But London is a much more interesting place to visit by far,fantastic shopping,shows,restaurants,sight seeing etc.As for country side,thats usally lovely down south,but Wales and Scotland are also breathtaking,as are Devon and Cornwall,but are all miles apart.I would wait for some of the other girls to come on who live down south,they can fill you in better.

    Depends how much flying around you want to do and try and fit in,and what you really would love to do best.If you wanted to stay in London I can always arrange to get the train up and meet you for an afternoon of shopping etc,some of the other girls could possibly jump in on that one too.And there is so much other stuff to do I'm sure your DH can find some amusement if he does'nt want to cope with a load of chattering ladies!!!!
  4. Good idea,Bath is beautiful!!!:tup:
  5. And you can rent pretty much any size car,our roads will probably look as thin as spaghetti to yours,but if your brave and breathe in you can fit a comfortable size car on them!!!
  6. oooh Bath sounds great!!! Saw it featured on the Travel Channel. Ideally, I would like to travel no more than a 200 mile radius from London. Stay in London then rent a car and drive to some diff towns and spend a night, then off to somewhere else. KWIM I need to look at a map of UK!!
  7. It depends really on what you want from your stay , London and Bath are great , Shopping and Lots and lots of things to do , but hey I actually think Scotland Is a great place - so many places to go , I`m sure you will have a wonderful time where ever you choice to go ....
  8. I need to order a UK travel guide - dh def needs great pubs so i can shop!
  9. Don't forget about left hand traffic, I don't know whether it's easy to get used to it...?
  10. I think Scotland is the most beautiful place in Uk. The people are so friendly and the scenery is magnificent.
  11. scotland is amazing. how long will you come for? you could do a tour an we could make sure it includes good shopping and a bit of the nice towns 4 a bit of history i.e stratford for good old shakespeare etc. Because i ;live here i think its all a bit boring but we get 4 milliom tourists a year so they must want to see something. You may think how the hell does she know such boring things but is cause of the reaseach for the shop. As you have so long to plan you could make it perfect.
  12. Ok- you have to go to London and you should make a trip to Bath to see the spa and do some shopping at Shepton Mallet. Then you need to get in your rented mini and head North. I'd recommend a night/day in York - another beautiful city (and another Mulberry outlet!)- and do one of the evening ghost tours around the city! Then I'd recommend visiting the Lake district as it is just beautiful for a few days relaxation then head up to Edinburgh! Just my tuppence worth but I think this way you'd get to see some the great cities and some fabulous scenery!
  13. Actually Jo's right the Lakes are also very beautiful!!
  14. Jo's intinerary is pretty good!
    Kroquet - if you miss out Bath I will fly over to Texas and crown you one!! (that means punch you on the nose!) Bath is fabulous and I only live 12 miles away so I could personally escort you to Shepton Mallet (feel another Mulberry meet coming on here!!).
    York is another beautiful place but my route would go London - Oxford - Bath - York and then follow Jo's route.
    I can recommend a wonderful country house hotel at Malvern which is known for having the best view in England.
    What fun - we could help put your itinerary together and be your own home grown travel guides!
    Kroquet, you just have to come, we are all dying to meet you!
  15. Now there is an idea hatching!!!! A Kroquet meet!!!! Sarajane,thats a brilliant idea,she will get to see lots,shop some,DH will have some good pubs!!!! OOOOO!!! Getting all giddy now!!!!

    Between Jo and Sarajane,I think you've pretty much got it all sewn up!!!