The Tracy by Chloé

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  2. have you bought one Dazzle :smile:
  3. :sad::sad:no!!! not yet but i'm thinking:biggrin:
  4. they look nicer in real life ;) very nice leather indeed, and a few on sale at the mo if you are lucky :smile:
  5. I first saw the Tracy at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris in November and I was in awe. It was the Large Whiskey solid colour which I went back to at least 4 times debating whether I should buy it or not. When I finally had decided on getting it, (12% VAT refund and 10% tourist discount would have taken a big chunk of the 1350 Euros tag) the bag was gone! The SA at the Chloé section said a lady had just gotten it a few minutes before I arrived. Talk about heartbreak! It wasn't in any other stores in Paris (I searched high and low) so I came home with just a paddington wallet.

    I finally saw it at in chocolate, not my first choice in colour but it would have been fine except when I was inputing my cc number, someone had snatched it from right under my nose. I finally found one at Nordstrom and eventually again at and I'm loving the spaciousness of it and the leather but I still keep thinking about the original Whiskey colour. I'm dreaming it will pop-up on eBay one of these days and it will be mine! Hahahah. Here I am again blabbing! :smile:
  6. Love the color on the one in the photo Dazzle!
  7. has them on sale for $788. I never thought twice about it when I saw the photo but in person the bag is beautiful!! I love to two toned ones.
  8. Wow, great price bagsforme -- I wonder if they have the 2 tone Gray in photo Dazzle posted?
  9. wowowo i love this color too:yes:
  10. [​IMG]

    I got this from Saks Bal Harbour on the day after Christmas for $550!!! Woohoo!!!
  11. Bloomingdales in NYC had these for 40% off as recently as last week. I am 99% sure they had the solid whiskey. You should call and ask! Also, Saks in NYC had a TON of Tracys on sale... I will check and see if they have the solid whiskey and let you know if they do!
  12. Thanks KMSNYC!!! I called Bloomies in Lexington and they only had the large one in Chocolate which I already have and it wasn't 40% off. The only Whiskey solid colour they had was the medium one and I tried that bag here at Saks in Beverly Hills and it was too small for me. Let me know if you see it somewhere! TIA! :yes:
  13. Sigh, the search continues. SA Judith at Bloomies NY tried to help locate the solid color Whiskey in large for me all over the country but was met with disappointment. They had it at some point but are now all sold out. Oh well... :sad:
  14. I called the flagship store in NY. They said they were all out.
    Eucalyptic, do you know if the Bal Harbour Saks has any more left?
  15. pquiles, try calling the SA Irene. She helped me find them and when I called, she had about three of them. Here's her number - 1-305-865-1100.

    Bloomingdales NY had the two-tone at 40% off as well but I think it was the grey-black.

    I also just posted new 50% off prices on Paddies, Ediths, Tracys and other bags from the Chloé Bahrain at the Deals and Steals Category. You might want to check it out.