The TPF Tiny Accessories Club!!!

  1. Any inclusion keychains, hair accessories...etc! :P

    i would LOVE to get one...
  2. here's a couple from my collection (sorry no hairclips or Inclusions):

  3. I'll get a better picture later on of everything together but here are a couple pieces..
    Inclusion cell charm:

    Inclusion Speedy keychains:

    My Inclusion bangle and Strass hair cubes are in this one:

    Sweet Monogram earrings:
  4. Lvbabydoll I LOVE your stuff :love:
  5. I must admit I am no LV expert and I had no idea you could get such gorgeous accessories! Loving them!:yes:
  6. Here are Inclusion Speedy Keyrings in beige and black :love::


    I hope to get the white one soon:tender:!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. :wtf: So many inclusion bracelets!! :nuts::love:
  9. Thanks :flowers:
  10. tell me about the speedy keychain. How often do you use them? I am seriously thinking about going to lv tomorrow to get one??? Maybe i would get more use with a wallet thought hmmm!!
  11. ldisangro, there were so many lv accessories I wanted to get including the speedy keychain but opted for a wallet and just love, LOVE it! I figure I'll go practical first then work my way toward the other stuff. Either way, post pics of the next thing you get.
  12. I actually use mine all the time, whether I use it as a bag charm or an actual keychain. It's quite useful for me :yes:
  13. LVbabydoll, I love those earrings!!!
  14. the cutest men's accessory (but not exclusively ;)) they've done so far:
  15. :nuts::love:

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