The TPF Giveaway - some very suspicious participants

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  1. I hope its ok to talk about this. I have noticed that in the Givaway where you need to guess, there are suddenly about 150 guesses from new members with 1 post, maybe its just me being suspicious but these could be the same person...most are done straight after one another and that is the only post the user has made on the forum. All are different guesses. One user put
    "the m&m's are making me hungry it's not fair i'm on a diet, and second of all i would love to win this so bad, although i do not know the authenticity of the item i guess there are"
    Im very suspicious of this :supacool:

  2. Methinks that if she is questioning the authencity of the items she shouldn't even participating! :rolleyes:
  3. I know it's very frustrating, especially when someone with 1 or 2 posts will win and they might never post again. But the rules are made, what I am upset about is someone is or was spamming fakes on the thread. I hope Vlad or Megs takes care of this soon.
  4. Like I dont care who wins and I will be happy for anyone but people just joining the forum 20 times and having 20 guesses so they can win is wrong ! :supacool:
  5. There is only one guess per person and Vlad and I are making sure each IP had one guess. The contest is set up fairly, the bags were bought straight from Bal Harbour LV, and it is a contest open to everyone. In the future we may have contests only for members with x amount of posts or had to be a member for x amount of time, but this time the contest is open to everyone.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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