The TPF Book Exchange Programme

  1. Ladies & Gents welcome to

    The TPF Book Exchange Programme

    What is the Book Exchange?
    Basically a swap shop for all your unwanted books and the oppotunity for you to get some new reading material.

    How does it work?
    In your post please say what books you have available
    Where you are willing send them
    How much shipping will cost
    How you would like the payment for the shipping (the details such as paypal addy ect should be given in PM not publically)

    You can only ask the person to pay for shipping you are not selling the book you are giving it away.
    If you want to sell your books please go to eBay instead

    I am new to this so I will be working out kinks along the way, please be patient with me

    Important Notes
    You must post when the book arrives
    When sending a book you should obtain a proof of postage ( a receipt will surfice) you must keep this until the person receives the book
    If the system is abused or people fail to follow up on their agreements I will close the programme then unfortunately everyone loses out for everyone's benefit please be good and follow your commitments


    I (Label Addict) am running this programme if you have a problems or questions please DO NOT PM Megs, Vlad or The Mods they are not involved in this, send all queries to me by either PM or Email which you can find on my profile page​

    So with all the boring stuff done lets get on with fun!
  2. Here is what I have available

    The Family by Mario Puzo
    Good News Bad News by David Wolstencroft
    The Husband by Dean Koontz
    PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
    Call me Elizabeth by Dawn Annandale
    The Adultery Club by Tess Stimson

    All in pretty condition I am willing to send anywhere
    The costs would be
    UK £2.00
    Europe £2.50
    US £6.50
    Australia £7.50

    Payment can be sent via paypal or UK postal order for those in the UK

    Feel free to ask for more details.

    There is no tracking on these figures I can get tracking but it will effect postage costs let me know if you want info on that
  3. Awesome idea! I love it!

    Is the US You can use media mail, it does take a bit longer...usually about a week and a half to 2 weeks, but it is super reasonable!

    I will def. participate!! Good Job Claire!
  4. ^ thanks Tink
  5. FUN!! I love to read and look forward to trading some of my favs! I will be back in here soon!!
  6. Great idea - I will post mine tomorrow - and if you don't mind I will borrow your postage costs to insert on my list as you have done your homework!:yes:
  7. ^ sure as long as you're in the UK they'll be about right for you
  8. hope you dont mind but most of my books are listed here

    It's mostly romances and I will only ship within the USA for $2.20

    You can pick out two books for the price of shipping one if you like. Just let me know via PM
  9. im going away tommorrow night but when i get back id love to join in. maybe we could put our names in the front of the book or a little message and see how far our books can travel.
  10. ooooooh this sounds fabulous! Let me finish unpacking my books (ugh, I still have like 17 boxes of books to go!) and I will join in!
  11. Hi, great Idea Claire. Do you have to send the book on after reading or can you keep ??.

    I have soooooooooooo many books, i will be listing soon :smile:

    Anyone have any fashion books ?? or fashion novels ??, Im very interested please post them on here :smile:

  12. Great idea! Unfortunately I've got only Dutch books :sweatdrop:
  13. :nuts: I will get out all my books later and post them. This is a great Idea to clean out clutter! lol.
  14. Great idea Claire! I just donated so many books to the library but I still have some hanging around. I'll try to get organized to post them tomorrow. One suggestion I have is to make a note if the books are coming from a smoking -vs- non-smoking home. I bought books on eBay once that must've come from a chain smoker because they reeked. I'm not normally sensitive to cigarette smoke but these were awful - I couldn't even read them.

    Thanks for organizing this!

  15. It'd be nice if you could continue spread the love as such but if you really like the book keep it, it's your choice if you wish to put it back into the programme or not